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Presenting to you, the full form of GPA, to help you during the competitive exams. Our motto is to provide you with the meaning of GPA, so it becomes super easy for gain important knowledge regarding GPA. Additionally we would like to tell that the full form of GPA is Grade Point Average. 


GPA Definition

The abbreviation or full form of GPA is Grade Point Average

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GPA Full-Form | What is Grade Point Average (GPA)

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Additional information about GPA

GPA is used to analyze or judge the performance of a student. GPA is calculated by dividing the number of grade points earned by a student in a given period by the total number of credits taken.

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GPA is calculated on a scale of 1-5 or 1-10 and varies with institutions. This system is widely in use in the United States and is also adopted by many institutions in India like IIT’s, NIT’s, IIIT’s and a few universities.

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