Full-Form of CDSL | What is CDSL

By | September 9, 2023
Full-Form of CDSL What is CDSL

Presenting to you, the full form of CDSL,  to help you during the competitive exams. Our motto is to provide you with CDSL Full Form, so it becomes super easy for gain important knowledge regarding What is CDSL. Additionally we would like to tell you that the full form of CDSL is Central Depository Services Limited. 


CDSL Definition

CDSL Full-Form | What is Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL)

Central Depository Services Limited widely known as the CDSL, is India’s second central security depository which has its base in the city of Mumbai. The function of the famous enterprise is holding security matters either in uncertified or certificated form, to enable the users with the easy book-entry transfer of securities. The security services have over the years performed quite efficiently in their own department and have gained appreciation from people across the globe.

The CDSL has helped in the security systems of many well-known governments and private sectors, which include the likes of various services by the company at large

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CDSL is a well-known company in security depository services and it is headquartered in Mumbai.

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