Full-Form of ANI | What Does ANI Stand for in Computer

By | September 9, 2023
Full-Form of ANI What Does ANI Stand for in Computer

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ANI Definition

ANI Full-Form | What is Automatic Number Identification (ANI)

ANI is a technique used by telecom companies to identify the subscriber number of an incoming call and display it on the customer’s screen.

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EBS Full-Form | What is E-Business Suite (EBS)

Automatic Number Identification is similar to Caller-ID but uses different technologies.

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ECE Full-Form | What is Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)


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ECU Full-Form | What is Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

ANI services are used by 911 emergency services to track user location and numbers.

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EEC Full-Form | What is European Economic Community (EEC)

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  • ANImated Cursors (Microsoft Windows File Extension)
  • Asynchronous Network Interface
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