Full form of AM | AM Full Form in Time

By | September 9, 2023
Full form of AM AM Full Form in Time

Edumantra stands no. 1 when it comes to am full form in time. Check AM or PM full form to believe it! Our am full form meaning is so simply explained that there is no room for not being able to understand it. Isn’t it just awesome to know that – am pm full form in time is freely available at edumantra.

AM and PM

AM and PM Definition

AMAnte Meridiem

PMPost Meridiem

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24 hours divided into 2 periods are called AM and PM. Ante Meridiem is a Latin Word which means before mid-day and whereas PM is a Post Meridiem that represents after Mid-day.

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AM & PM Full Form | What is Ante Meridiem & Post Meridiem (AM & PM)

Sometimes people misjudged the words calling A.M. – After midnight and P.M. -pre-midnight.

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Easy learning – Wake up in AM and go to bed in PM.

ODD – Indian Railway uses a 24-hour convention

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  • Ante Meridiem (period between midnight and noon) Post Meridiem (the period from noon to midnight)

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