71. IIT Full-Form | What is Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

By | December 21, 2019
IIT Full-Form | What is Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

Everyone should know full forms of words related to everyone. This page provides best full form and tells what is the full form of IIT. So your search for IIT full form is over. Page is dedicated to a basic full form. Go through and get meaning of IIT

IIT – Indian Institute of Technology

IIT Full-Form refers to the Indian Institute of Technology. IIT is a group of autonomous, public institutions of higher education situated in various locations in India. These institutes are governed vide the Institutes of Technology Act 1961 that has designated them as Institutions IIT Full-Form | What is Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)of National Importance. The Act enumerates the powers, duties and functional mechanism for the governance of the ITs. The same Act enumerates total 23 institutes situated in Chennai, Dhanbad, Goa, Bhilai, Dharwad, Jammu, Kharagpur, Kanpur, Guwahati, Bhubaneshwar, Roorkee, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Indore, Palakkad, Ropar, Varanasi, Tirupati, Hyderabad, Delhi, Jodhpur, Mandl, and Gandhinagar.

Every IIT is associated with another by means of a common Council that monitors its administration. The Union Human Resources Department Minister acts as the ex-officio chairperson of the same. IIT is an acronym for the Indian Institute of Technology. The HTs follow a common admission process for the purposes of undergraduate admissions which are commonly known as the Indian Institute of Technology-Joint Entrance Examination (abbreviated as IIT-JEE) that was replaced with the Joint Entrance Examination Advanced in the year 2013. The older HTs, which are Madras, Delhi, Kanpur, Bombay, Varanasi, Guwahati, Roorkee, and Dhanbad administer the awarding of the post-graduate degree courses such as M. Tech and M.S.

The admission process is administered on the basis of the scores obtained in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (abbreviated as GATE). HTs also grant other graduate degree courses such as M.Sc. in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, MBA, and PhD Admissions to these programs are conducted by means of Common Admission Test (abbreviated as CAT), Joint Admission Test for Masters (abbreviated as JAM), and Common Entrance Examination for Design (abbreviated as CEED). HT Bombay and HT Guwahati provide undergraduate design degree programs. These institutes are regarded as some of the most reputed institutes in the world and presently have one of the biggest alumni bases in the world.

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