61. HTC Full-Form | What is High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC)

By | December 21, 2019
HTC Full-Form | What is High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC)

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HTC – High Tech Computer Corporation

HTC Full-Form refers to High Tech Computer Corporation. HTC is a Taiwanese company of consumer electronics. Its headquarters is in the New Taipei City of Taiwan. The company was established in the year 1997 as an original manufacturer of deism and equipment and is designed and manufactured devices like tablets and mobile phones. Initially, HTC made smart phones that were based on Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Mobile. Later, it became the OHA’s co-founding member.

HTC Full-Form | What is High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC)

The OHA or Open Handset Alliance is the group of the mobile network operators and handset manufacturers that have dedicated themselves to developing Android, which is an operating system used in mobile. The first mobile phone of this company that used Android was the HTC Dream. T-Mobile marketed this phone in numerous nations as T-Mobile G1. Later, the company started marketing its own mobiles and tablets.

Corporate Information on HTC

The growth of HTC has increased significantly since it has been selected by the Microsoft Company as the development partner of a hardware platform for the operating system `Windows Mobile’. This company is also working with Google for building mobile phones that run on the operating system made for mobiles by Google itself, like the Nexus 1. In the year 2005, the sales revenue of HTC was over two billion dollars, which was one hundred and two per cent more than that of the prior year. In the same year, Business Weeks listed it as the fastest growing technology company.

A large investment has been made by HTC in development and research. More than one-third of the total employees of the company work in this division. The North American head office of this company is present in Washington. It also has an office for designing software in Seattle, where the company designs the interface for its mobile phones on its own. A development and research office have also been established by HTC in the year 2011 in North Carolina. This office researches and develops numerous segments of the wireless technology.

HTC also focuses intensely on the service for its customers. Its focus on customer service has risen in nations like India, the US, and the UK. It has also opened numerous service points that have led to an improvement in its services. This company is improving the customer support services continuously in India, and also in additional growing markets. In the year 2010, HTC was ranked thirty-first by ‘Fast Company’ in the list of the most innovative companies in the world.

According to the reports of Bloomberg, this company is considering to make its own operating system for mobile phones that can complete with the Windows Phone (Windows’ mobile operating system), Android (Google’s mobile operating system) and iOS (Apple’s mobile operating system). In the year 2011, it announced that HTC will not do the locking of the bootloaders on their phones that run on Android. This was announced in response to the feedback given by one of its customers. Customers can now unlock the phone’s bootloaders in the majority of the product line of the Android phones of HTC by using the developer website of the company.

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