28. BBL Full-Form | What is Barrel (BBL)

By | January 16, 2020
BBL Full-Form | What is Barrel (BBL)

Everyone should know full forms of words related to everyone. This page provides best full form and tells what the full form of BBL is. So your search for  BBL full form is over. Page is dedicated to a basic full form. Go through and get meaning of BBL


BBL Definition

BBL is an internet slang used mostly by users while chatting to tell the other person that they will be back to chat after some time.

BBL Full-Form | What is Barrel (BBL)


User 1: That’s cool.

User 2: yeah.BBL.

User 1: Okay.

User 2: I am back.

Other Popular BBL Full Form / Abbreviation

  • British Basketball League
  • Barrel
  • Baltic Basketball League
  • Building Better Lives

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