26. CC CAMERA Full-Form | What is Closed-Circuit camera (CC CAMERA)

Closed-Circuit camera (CC CAMERA)

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The (abbreviation) full form of cc camera is closed-circuit camera

Closed-Circuit camera (CC CAMERA)

Additional information about CC Camera

CC Cameras are mostly used in shopping malls, railway stations, airports, hotels and in various areas of the suspect. These cameras are used for capturing the images, videos and recordings at micro-level so that each and every scene captured is picture-perfect. These are mostly used to spot criminals in public places. Any theft, murder or crime can be captured by these CC Cameras giving clear detail of the incident. These CC Cameras are now widely being used by media to bring out the facts and by CBI for the purpose of investigation.

Working of a CC Camera –

The CC camera picks up the signal from the area being monitored, and through the wired system, it sends the signals through a coaxial cable to the CCTV monitor. The CCTV monitor is in the wireless system and hence no cable is needed for broadcasting the signal through the CC camera. Monitors can be watched by CCTV controllers or left unmonitored.

Due to the advancement in technology many digital video recorders are now equipped with advanced features such as Motion Recording and Event Notification. When set to motion, the CC camera detects motion and these devices will start recording. This saves storage space because the device is not recording during periods of inactivity. Event Notification is the process of sending a text message, recorded telephone messages or email when motion is detected.

Installation of CC Cameras –

  • For the purpose of installation, use RG59 Siamese Cable which consists of two cables. One cable is used as a video cable and the other one is used as a power cable.
  • A special CCTV software helps in choosing the right location where the CC Camera can be fixed. All we need to do is to import our floor plan, or site plan into the software and then add cameras to choose the desired camera footage so that the angle of view is perfect.
  • Cameras should be fixed at places where the lens remains unaffected, i.e. care should be taken that the lens is not covered by snow or by other material or substances that are likely to cause damage to the lens and obstruct its view.
  • We can either connect the power supply line from each camera separately into an outlet and an AC Adapter or we can use an AC/DC power supply box to plug in all the camera power lines into the box and connect one AC power line from the outlet to the box. We must ensure that the correct DC voltage is being supplied to the cameras to prevent them from damage.

Advantages of CC Camera –

  • The images which are captured using a CC camera are of high picture quality.
  • These can easily find the culprit due to the high resolution of the images captured.
  • These cameras are also used for the purpose of recording.

Disadvantages of CC Camera –

  • These cameras are very costly.
  • Vulnerable to hacking
  • Lack of standards
  • If any problem occurs or if the cc camera does not work properly it needs to be fixed by an expert due to the complexity in its manufacturing.

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