238. EGS Full-Form | What is Education Guarantee Scheme (EGS)

By | January 27, 2020
EGS Full-Form | What is Education Guarantee Scheme (EGS)

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EGS Definition

Education Guarantee Scheme (EGS) is an educational scheme from the government of India to dramatically improved access to primary education, especially for children from very poor households and in scattered settlements. One of the many initiatives taken by the government of India to EGS Full-Form | What is Education Guarantee Scheme (EGS)ensure minimum education among all the children of the nation. Apart from the mid-day meal and other such programs which attract the student to their beloved school, the EGS helps the government guarantee that there is just not a single child left in the nation who does not have access to the fundamental or primary educations and to ensure this, the government provides education free of cost for all. The EGS is a very noble program undertaken by the Indian government.


The EGS has helped weak and poor students get the knowledge that they are entitled to have as their birthright.

Other Popular EGS Full Form / Abbreviation

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