153. VIP Full-Form | What is Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIP)

By | December 24, 2019
VIP Full Form | What is Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIP)

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VIP — Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide

The abbreviation, acronym or full form of VIP is Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide

Abbreviation, Acronym, Meaning & Full Form Of VIP

VIP Full Form | What is Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIP)A vasoactive intestinal peptide is a peptide hormone containing 28 amino acid residues. It is a neuropeptide that belongs to a glucagon/secretin superfamily. Vasoactive intestinal peptide supports the functioning of various tissues and glands in the body. It helps in stimulating the contractility in the heart by causing vasodilation, lowers arterial blood pressure and helps in providing relaxation to the muscles of the stomach, trachea, and gall bladder. VIP Full-Form stands for Very Important Person. VIP is an individual who is given special treatment and facilities due to their importance or status. Some of the examples of VIPs include wealthy individuals, high rollers, certain politicians, heads of state, corporate officers of high level, major employers, heads of government and celebrities. In short, it may include any notable person who obtains special privileges for any kind of reason.

Individuals belonging to the VIP category get special treatment, which generally separates them from the common masses. They also receive service or comfort of a higher level. The VIP status can also be obtained by purchasing VIP tickets. These tickets enable a person to use the VIP title in a way that is similar to the ‘Premium’ status. Anyone can purchase these tickets, but doing so will mean separate and high-grade facilities as compared to other customers, individualized security checks, and much more.

A variation of the term VIP is VVIP. It stands for Very Very Important Person. This term is usually applied for those VIPs whose spending power is very high. In India, VIPs, as well as VVIPs, are given the facility to have NSG (National Security Guard) commandos. These commandos have MP5 guns and additional modern and sophisticated communication devices, and each commando is skilled in unarmed skills (combat) and martial arts. Each VIP and VVIP is given thirty-six personnel. They are given personal security twenty-four hours a day.

Another thing to understand about VIP is the VIP Syndrome. This syndrome was described in the year 1964 by Weintraub. He associated this syndrome with therapeutic failures. According to the definition of this syndrome, any person belonging to the VIP category causes tachycardia or anxiety to the health-care provider. In actual, this phenomenon is liable to take place in any profession that has the possibility of relations with powerful, famous and wealthy patients or clients. However, it is much common among airline professionals and medical professions.

VIP facilitates the proper functioning of various tissues in the following way –

  • VIP ensures the proper functioning of the digestive system by stimulating the secretion of water into pancreatic juice and bile thereby inhibiting the excess secretion of gastric acid. It also provides relaxation of enteric smooth muscle by regulating the proper secretion of water and electrolytes in the intestine.  It also supports increasing the motility by dilating peripheral blood vessels, stimulating pancreatic bicarbonate secretion and eliminates gastrin stimulated gastric acid secretion.
  •  VIP also helps in stimulating the pepsinogen secretion in chief cells.
  • VIP plays a vital role in providing communication between individual brain cells and suprachiasmatic nuclei which is a region present in the brain.
  • VIP contains growth-hormone-releasing hormone (GH-RH) and stimulates the secretion of growth hormone in the anterior pituitary gland.
  • VIP causes coronary vasodilation in the heart and helps in providing a positive inotropic and chronotropic effect.
  • VIP provokes vaginal lubrication in women, thereby doubling the total volume of lubrication.

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