148. UNICEF Full-Form | What is United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)

By | December 24, 2019
UNICEF Full-Form | What is United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF)

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UNICEF Full-Form Name: UNICEF Meaning

UNICEF Full-Form refers to United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. UNICEF is a program of the UN or the United Nations. Its head office is present in New York. It is engaged in providing developmental and humanitarian assistance for mothers and children of developing nations. The United Nations created or United Nations International Children’s Emergency Funds in the year 1946 for providing emergency health care and food to the children in nations that had suffered devastation by the Second World War. The ‘UNICEF’s founder is Ludwik Rajchman and served as its chairmen from the year 1946. This organization became a part of the UN permanently in the year 1953.

UNICEF Full-Form | What is United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF)

Income Channels of UNICEF

UNICEF receives a large number of contributions from the private as well as the government donors. Its total income was 3,369,530,240 $ in the year 2008. Nearly two-thirds of the resources of UNICEF is contributed by the governments. The rest of it is contributed through national committees by nearly six million people and private groups. The program services receive ninety-two per cent of the revenue earned by this organization. The programs of UNICEF lays stress on developing the services at the community level for promoting the well-being and health of children. In the year 1965, this organization received the Nobel Peace Prize.

The majority of UNICEF’s operations involve the fieldwork. Its staff is present in more than one hundred and ninety nations. The mission of this organization is carried out by over two hundred country offices through the programs that are developed with the governments of the host countries. The country offices receive technical assistance through regional offices as needed.

Ambassadors of UNICEF

The Ambassadors of UNICEF are usually the leaders of the entertainment industry and represents areas like sports, television, film, music, etc. They aid in raising the awareness pertaining to the children’s needs and utilize their fame and talents for educating, advocating and fundraising on ‘UNICEF’s behalf.

UNICEF Facilities

The supply division of UNICEF is present in Copenhagen. It is the main distribution point for items like family reunification, nutritional supplements, vaccines, educational supplies, emergency shelters, and antiretroviral medicines for mothers and children with HIV, etc. It has an executive board of thirty-six members. This board helps by establishing policies, overseeing financial plans and administrative plans, and gives its approval to programs. The members of the executive board are the government representatives that serve for three years. The ‘UNESCO (United Nations Economic and Social Council) is responsible for electing these representatives.

The deliverable goods of UNICEF are hosted by the ‘UNICEF World Warehouse. It is present in Denmark. It also co-hosts the emergency supplies for UNHCR or United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and IFRC or International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. The facilities consisted of twenty-five thousand meters squared warehouse until the year 2012. It was present in Marmormolen (Copenhagen).

It has now been relocated to the Freeport of Copenhagen’s outer parts since the UN City was constructed for housing all activities of the UN under a single roof. The warehouse contains and helps with the management of the transport hubs in Shanghai, Panama, and Dubai. A large number of different items are present in this warehouse, such as vitamin supplements, dietary and food supplements, etc.

In the year 1988, the Innocenti Research Center of the UNICEF was established in Italy. Its main focus lies in improving the global understanding of problems related to the rights policies that help in advancing the children’s cause. It also helps in facilitating the implementation of the children’s rights in developing and industrialized nations.

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