125. PTC Full-Form | What is Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC)

By | December 23, 2019
PTC Full Form | What is Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC)

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PTC – Parametric Technology Corporation

PTC Full-Form stands for Parametric Technology Corporation. PTC is a computer services and software company. Its foundations were laid in the year 1985. Its headquarters are in Massachusetts. It was the first company to introduce solid, associative and parametric CAD (computer-aided design) modelling software in the year 1988. It also included a product based on the internet for PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) in the year 1998.

PTC Full Form | What is Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC)There are six product families of PTC, which are Thing Worx, Integrity, Wind chill, Creo, Servigistics, and MathCAD. The technology of this company is utilized for designing, operating and maintaining complex products by discrete manufacturers. It is also utilized for connecting products to the World Wide Web, in order to capture and analyze information and data from them. The CAD product of PTC is a suite containing second-dimensional and third-dimensional design software that is utilized for creating, analyzing and viewing designs of the products. The company released this software in the year 2011 that replaced Pro/engineer, which was another product of PTC.

The Integrity product of the PTC offers multiple capabilities of system engineering and ALM (Application Lifecycle Management). It includes products like asset library, modeller, process consumer, requirements connector, MKS, process check, process director, and Agileworx. Thingworx is a platform that develops applications that are made for connected devices and sensors. Its product is called Axeda. Axeda is basically a software and service based on cloud technology used to manage connected machines and products. It also helps in the implementation of the IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) applications.

Windchill is the database software based on the web that offers access to information of products such as ECAD and MCAD data files, information related to software engineering and processed documents. It includes products like PDIVILink, Materials Compliance, workgroup manager, and flexible. Servigistics is the SLM (service lifecycle management) software utilized by manufacturers for understanding the ways of improving the service value using customer service and service planning. Its products include Enigma, Connected Field Services, Remote Services, Arbortext Editor, etc.

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