123. PPT Full-Form | What is Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)

By | December 23, 2019
PPT Full-Form | What is Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)

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PPT — Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

PPT Full-Form stands for Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation. PPT is basically a presentation made by utilizing software called Microsoft PowerPoint. A set of slides that include information pertaining to a specific topic is referred to as a presentation. Business meetings, PPT  Full-Form | What is Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)teaching, training, etc commonly use PowerPoint presentations. The first slide of any PowerPoint presentation usually contains the name of the presentation’s topic. It may or may not include the presenters’ name. The content slides follow the title slide. The content slides contain details and information in textual form, usually in bulleted list form, and often it includes graphics.

Some of the examples of these graphics include animations, photos, diagrams, charts, movies, screenshots, and graphs. Sometimes, the final slide is included for wrapping up the presentation. For example, a final slide may contain text like `Questions?’, ‘References’ or ‘Conclusions’. The majority of business meetings include the demonstration of a PowerPoint presentation to explain a plan or some similar matter. This fact is applicable to the teleconference meetings as well as face-to-face meetings.

In businesses, these presentations are frequently used for presenting the training material. In many colleges, universities and other educational institutes, professors, instructors, and teachers make use of PPT in their lectures. These presentations have come as a huge relief for them since it has saved them from the tedious task of writing information on a whiteboard or chalkboard before the beginning of every class. Students also use PPT for providing in-class presentations.

Microsoft Corporation, a well-known company, is responsible for developing and manufacturing of PowerPoint. Although it comes along with other software in certain Microsoft Office versions, it can also be bought separately. PowerPoint can be obtained for Mac OS as well as the Windows platforms. A computer system that has PowerPoint software installed in it can be used for viewing a PPT easily. Another method of viewing PPTs is to download the PowerPoint Viewer from the official website of Microsoft. PPT Viewer is available free of cost on this website. However, one thing to keep in mind is that the PowerPoint Viewer can be used only for viewing PPTs, but not for creating a PPT or editing them.

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