Extra Questions and Notes-Flamingo

Index (As per Latest Syllabus of CBSE- 2018-19) Language and Literature

Chapter-1. THE LAST LESSON Alphonse Daudet

Chapter-2. LOST SPRING Anees Jung 

Chapter-3. DEEPWATER William Douglas 

Chapter-4. THE RATTRAP Selma Lagerlof 

Chapter-5. INDIGO Louis Fischer 

Chapter-6. POETS AND PANCAKES Asokamitran

Chapter-7. THE INTERVIEW PART I Christopher Silvester

PART II an Interview with Umberto Eco

Chapter-8. GOING PLACES A. R. Barton 


Poem-1. MY MOTHER AT SIXTY-SIX Kamala Das 

Poem-2. AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL  Stephen Spender

Poem-3. KEEPING QUIET Pablo Neruda 

Poem-4. A THING OF BEAUTY John Keats 

Poem-5. A ROADSIDE STAND Robert Frost 

Poem-6. AUNT JENNIFER’S TIGERS Adrienne Rich