How I Taught My Grandmother to Read Character Sketch | Grandma | Narrator

By | April 3, 2023
How I Taught My Grandmother to Read Character Sketch

Character- 1

How I Taught My Grandmother to Read Character Sketch – Grandma

Tips to learn the Character sketch of the Grandmother Kristikka from the chapter How I taught My Grandmother to read-

  1. Grandma was SelflessShe remained uneducated due to feeling happy to feen others and
  2. Grandma was Determined- She decided to learn Kannad Alphabet at the age of sixty two.
  3. Grandma was a visionary Lady- She knew that the investment of time would be suitable at the age of 62
  4. Grandma was a good planner- She kept a deadline till when she had to achieve her task. She Saraswati Pooja as the deadline of her learning.
  5. Grandma was a hard working lady- She worked really very hard to learn Kannad Alphabet. It was only due to her hard work that she had been able to achieve her task.
  6. Grandma was a respectful lady- She touched the feet of her granddaughter. this shows her sense of respect for her teacher.
  7. Grandma was very emotional- She was in teach when she could not read on her own.

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The grandmother, Krishtakka was a very determined lady. She was not very fortunate in her childhood. She lost her mother when she was very young. Her father married soon and there was nobody to look after and guide her. She never went to school and remained uneducated. She got married at a very young age. She was so gentle that she always felt happy when she fed others.
The grandmother had a very determined character. She was visionary as she could see the future of hers. She knew that learning would take a little time but she could pass her further life independently. At the age of sixty-two she decided to learn the Kannada alphabet from her granddaughter. She fixed the deadline and worked very hard to achieve it. She proved that there is no age bar for learning. It was her determination, strong willpower, hard work and self-confidence that helped her succeed in learning to read and write Her touching the feet of granddaughter shows her deep respect for teachers and learning.
She is very emotional at heart. We find her in tears when she feels helpless because of her illiteracy. We also see her affectionate hands touching the forehead of her beloved daughter.

Character- 2

Give a character sketch of the Granddaughter- Sudha Murty

Following is the character sketch of the Granddaughter- Sudha Murty from the chapter How I taught My Grandmother to Read-

Tips to learn the Character sketch Sudha Murty-

  1. The Narrator is Sensitive- She became ready to teach her grandmother
  2. Sudha Murty is Innocent- She started laughing at her grandmother’s plan to start learning.
  3. The Narrator is 12 years old- In the chapter the narrator is only 12 years old and all the usual characteristics of a 12 years old child can be given to her.
  4. Sudha Murty is Lively and Fun Loving- She went for 2 days to a neighbouring village but she stayed there for a weel due to her fun loving habit.
  5. She is an Obedient Child- She used to read the novel for her grandmother. This shows her obedience.
  6. The Narrator has a high sense of Duty- She completed the task of teaching her grandmother very dutifylly.
  7. The Narrator is a Loving Child- Sudha Murty has a loving Character as she understood the difficulty of her grandmother and started to teach her.
  8. A thoughtful child- The narrator is a thoughtful child as she gave a gift which was a favourite book for her grandmohter.

The granddaughter or the narrator in the story was a small lively girl of 12 years. She lived with her grandparents in a small village of north Karnataka. She was one of the best constant companions of the grandmother. So the narrator would read out the novel which was appearing as a series of stories in the magazine Karamveera. The narrator did her job dutifully and became an ideal for her grandmother.
The narrator loved her grandmother very much. When she came to know of her grandmother’s helplessness because of illiteracy, she felt distressed too. When she was asked by her grandmother to teach her the Kannada alphabet, she felt very strange, but later she realised the importance of her request . She started teaching the grandmother. A thoughtful child, she also gives her grandmother the gift of ‘Kashi Yatre’ as a reward for being successful in learning Kannada alphabet within the time period that she set for herself. Thus, she proves to be an excellent teacher. This we find the character of Sudha Murty to be one of the most marvellous ones.