Characters in Two Gentlemen of Verona | Class 10 | Chapter 1

By | March 31, 2023
Characters in Two Gentlemen of Verona

Characters in Two Gentlemen of Verona- The Boys

Tips to learn the Character sketch of the Boys from chapter Two gentlemen of Verona.

  1. At first glance, both Seemed to be very childish – Reason – Their Appearance and age.
  2. Both were exceptional kids – Bearing the responsibility of their sister that too very well.
  3. Both were well-behaved – They were polite to the narrator and did not use their poor condition to manipulate the narrator for monetary advantage.
  4. Both were unbelievably dedicated to their work – Even sacrificed their sleep and health to be able to earn more.
  5.  They both had a high sense of self-respect – they didn’t want anyone to sympathize with their condition.
  6. Very Hardworking – No matter what the job is, if it gets them money they will do it no matter how hard it will be.
  7. Selfless – Whatever they earned they spent on their sister’s medical treatment. They didn’t spend any money on themselves.
  8. Courageous – Once they both were part of the resistance in the war era, which is unbelievable as they were just kids!
  9. Wise – The kids were wise too as to what to spend their money on and how to earn more was something they were very well versed with.

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The Boys : 

The two gentlemen referred to in the story are Nicola and Jacopo, the story revolves around them. Nicola, aged 13, is the elder brother of Jacopo aged 12. At first, those two boys seemed to be very childish and lost but they both were those exceptional kids who were very well-behaved and determined to do what they do. They don’t want people to sympathize with them, instead they work hard to make a living respectfully. Both are so selfless that they never spent any money they earned by themselves, kids of that age have so many things they love but they sacrificed it all just to be able to pay for their sister’s medical treatment. Nicola and Jacopo had such unreal dedication that they even sacrificed their sleep to earn more. Both had such amazing qualities that are harder to find even in full-grown adults, they were just kids but still, they took care of all expenses of their sister. After reading the story we also understand that both boys had so much courage in their hearts that they were part of the resistance group during the war era for their country’s freedom. The title of the story completely justifies their character “The Two Gentlemen Of Verona”.

Character 2 – The Narrator :

Tips to learn the Character sketch of the Narrator of the Two Gentlemen Of Verona

  1. Kind-hearted – As soon as the narrator saw those little kids selling fruits, the first thought that occurred in his mind was to help them by buying the fruits they were selling.
  2. Sensitive – The narrator is sensitive in nature as he felt pity and sympathized with the situation those kids were in.
  3. Supportive – He wanted to help those children more so he offered to drive them to the place they were going to, which shows he was more supportive afterward he understood those kids’ situation.
  4. Respectful – When the narrator decided to keep the secret of Nicola and Jacopo safe we witness that he is respectful to them as those kids never wanted anyone to know about the problem they were in.
  5. Selfless – Narrator’s behaviour and his actions towards Nicola and Jacopo showed his selfless nature.

The narrator of the story is a kind hearted person, and we can see that when he looks at those boys he feels pity for them because of their shabby look. Despite his driver’s warning he still buys the fruits from them to be able to help them. In this incident we witness one more quality of the narrator that is, if he wanted he just could have given those kids some money to help them but he didn’t do it which is reasonable. He helped them by buying the fruits they were selling, which is the right way to help the people in need. This implies that the narrator wants to help the people in a reasonable manner. He is a wise man too as he decided to not let the family secret of those two little boys out. When the narrator helps those children further that shows how selfless the narrator is as if he would have wanted he would have chosen not to help them any further.