Description English Example

1. To give a befitting farewell to the retiring Principal of your school, a grand function was organised. It was a memorable event. Everybody felt that the Principal’s retirement would create a vacuum never to be filled. Write a description of this unforgettable event.

Ans.                                                     BIDDING FAREWELL

(by Romi)

To give a befitting farewell to the retiring Principal Sh. A.R. Soni our school organized a grand and yet simple function. Around a hundred students, renowned educationists and a few officials from the attended the function. The speakers spoke highly of the Principal and counted his relentless service for the cause of education. The students painted him as a fatherly figure. The Principal was profusely garlanded and many tokens of thanks were presented to him. The retiring Principal gave his departing message of hard work. After a grand feast, he was let in a decorated car. Everybody felt a vacuum never to be filled by his departure.

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2. Describe a wedding procession you attended.

Clues: band; mare; young and oldies tripping; notes flung; Jaimala; dinner.

Ans.                                                     AN INDIAN WEDDING

(by Rani)

Last Saturday I attended the wedding of my friend Chintoo. The marriage procession left the bridegroom’s place at 8 p.m. led by a band playing film tunes. Chintoo was riding a mare and his little nephew was sitting in front. Everybody wore shimmery dresses. Young boys and girls and even elderly people were dancing and tripping. Currency notes were being flung overhead. The procession reached a lavishly decorated hall. A warm welcome and cold drinks and snacks were served to the marriage party. After the `Milniceremony,’ Jaimala’ ceremony was performed and many rituals followed. A lavish dinner was served. The marriage party along with the bride started their homeward journey around 4:00 a.m.

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3. You left your home for an interview and hired a taxi. The taxi broke down on the way. Describe your experience and how you reached the place of interview.

Ans.                             How You Reached the Place of Interview

I left my home for an interview in a hired taxi. Unfortunately, it broke down on the way. The driver could not restart it. The slow-moving hands of my wrist-watch appeared to have caught a sudden speed. No other vehicle was in sight and it was not possible to reach the venue on foot. The fear of missing the interview tormented me. It was a hot June afternoon and beads of perspiration appeared on my face and my throat dried up. It was difficult to find a vacant auto during that rush hour. But luckily I managed to hail an auto within ten minutes and managed to reach just in time.

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4. You go to see a movie but reaching the cinema hall your eyes pick up the notice ‘House full’ at the gate. Describe your experience. Take help from the hints given below:

  • Reached the hall;
  • Must see the movie;
  • Black Marketeer;
  • Policemen on duty
  • Lesson
  • Advance booking.

Ass. A good movie is my weakness. I went to see a new release ‘Morgan the Pirate’. I covered a distance of 5 km to reach the hall. As I reached the ticket window the ‘House Full’ notices greeted my eyes. Many like me were strolling around trying to buy a ticket through some other source. I could not muster up enough guts to approach a black marketeer as I had seen some policemen on duty. I felt crestfallen and did not know what to do. I had been very excited to watch that movie. But now the show had started and I felt like one condemned. In utter despair, I left but I had learnt a lesson—always get the advance booking done.

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