Professional Email Sample No.2

By | August 3, 2018

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 You Nilesh/Naina happened to see a chain-snatching incident yesterday. Describe this incident through an email to your friend Minal. You may take the help from the following notes:

1.Ladies waiting for buses at Apna-bazaar bus-stop.
2.Suddenly two motorcyclists stopped near a woman.
3.Asked for address-engines on.
4.Meanwhile the motorcyclist-snatched gold chain from the lady and drove off.
5.One lady noted the registration number of the motorcycle and informed police.
6.Chain recovered and the thief was caught.


Date: April 25, 2016

From: <>

Subject: Chain—snatching incident

To :.<>

Dear Minal,

Last week there was a big crowd at Apna-bazaar bus stop due to the motor-men’s strike. Many ladies were waiting for their buses. I was also waiting for my bus. Suddenly, two motorcyclists stopped near a lady and asked for a particular address. They looked gentle and simple. Their vehicles were still running. Suddenly one of them snatched the gold chain of the lady in split second. In no time they disappeared before I realized what had happened. The lady cried that they had snatched her chain. But one among the ladies at the bus-stop, whose presence of mind was to be appreciated, remembered the registration number of the motorcycle and informed the police. The thief was chased, caught and the chain was recovered.



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