Professional Email Sample No.1

By | August 3, 2018

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The sanitary conditions of your locality are in bad shape. Write an email to the sanitary inspector in about 120 words. You may take the help of the hints given below:

1.No sweepers

2.Heaps of garbage

3.Drainages blocked

4.People careless

5.No use of dustbins

6.Regular visit of officials–a dire need.

7.Fear of spread of diseases.


 Date: April 25, 2016

From : <>

Subject: Insanitary conditions

 To : <>

Dear Sir,

Let me bring to your kind notice the insanitary conditions of Urban, New Mumbai. Sanitary conditions of Urban are in a mess. There are no sweepers worth the name to clear the garbage that lie in heaps and mounds at almost all the places here. The drainages are blocked, water flows on the streets. No one can walk on the roads because of the foul smell coming from the mounds. People are careless and throw the domestic waste in the open space. This invites the attention of stray cattle, pigs and other animals. People do not make use of their dustbins. As a result, fear of the spread of diseases like cholera and gastroenteritis are possible. There is a great need of regular visit by the sanitary dept officials. The officials should meet the residents to maintain hygienic conditions all around.



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