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CLASS VIII Diary Entry Format and Examples



Diary is a kind of personal document. It records an individual’s account of a day of his/her life.


  • Top left- Date. day and time.
  • Tense most frequently used- Simple past, Present perfect and future.
  • First person application.


  • Begin the entry with a general sentence describing the day or momentary feelings.
  • In the body, you may discuss an event, your feelings towards it. How it is likely to affect your future plans.
  • Conclude with the final remark and future course of action.


1. Today you happened to visit the market where you saw an old building that used to be your primary school. Now the school has been moved to another place.


Went to market with mother — saw an old building in the market — Mother said it was my former school — I felt a bit emotional.


Monday 10:30 pm

5th February, 20xx

Dear Diary

Being a Sunday I got up a bit late and went around to play for some time. Then my mother asked me whether I wanted to go with her to the weekly market. I have not visited the place so far. As we reached the market by auto, I found it was very crowded and people were displaying their materials for sale. Mummy and I went into the market and started buying things. I saw an old building in a dilapidated condition and asked mummy what the building was. She said, “It used to be a primary school and you studied here for one year in your class 1 and the school was shifted to the place where it is now.” I looked at the building and it looked half broken. I started thinking about the time I was in school. Though I was not able to remember clearly my days in school, I felt a bit emotional and I kept looking at the school for long. I will share this with my friends in school tomorrow.


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2. On your way to school today, you found a boy washing the utensils in a tea shop. You felt bad for him. Write the incident in your diary in about 100-120 words.


A small boy at teashop — washing utensils one after another — I wish he should be like us —going to school — child labour is banned — under the Child Labour Act.


Friday                                                                                                                                                                      8:30 pm

 10th February, 20xx

Dear Diary

Today I saw a very small boy in a teashop. He must be of 12 or 13 years old. He was washing utensils and looked tired and sad. His owner kept giving him utensils one after another. He was washing them. I thought he should also be like me, studying in a school. Why does he have to work at this age? I could not understand. As soon as I reached home I asked mummy about him. She said he may not have anyone at home earning for their living. Mummy also told me that it is illegal to take work from children as it is banned under the Child Labour Act. I want him to go to school and study like me and my friends.


Download the above Diary Entry in PDF (Printable)

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