Professional Email Sample No.2

By | August 3, 2018

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 You are Anurag / Anuradha. Your Papa is upset because your younger brother Abhinav is not taking his studies seriously. Since you are posted in another city, you decide to send an e-mail to your brother advising him to know the importance of time. Write that e-mail in about 120 words.


Date: June 5, 2016

 From : <>

Subject: Be an early bird

 To : <>

Dear Abhinav,

How are you?

Papa wrote that you are not taking your studies seriously and keep indulging in fruitless diversions, postponing your studies till the eleventh hour. This is causing a lot of anxiety to both mom and dad. There is an old saying ‘early bird catches the worm’. This means those who do not delay things and act at the first opportunity, emerge as winners. Success always comes to those who come well prepared in advance. Procrastination always makes you miss the opportunities. Now you have plenty of time to plan your studies as well as leisure activities. If you balance both, you will not have to regret later. Work out a timetable and discipline yourself to follow it religiously.

I am equally concerned about you.


 Yours affectionately


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