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Class 11 & 12 Notice Writing Samples, Examples and Format



A notice is an official communication, which announces or conveys some information. A notice is usually affixed on the notice board by an organization or institution to announce an event, celebration or some important information, etc.

Important Points

1. Notice is always written in a box.

2. The name of the organization/institution is written in capital letters (ABCD).

3. It must be dated.

4. It should have the title, which is not a complete sentence.

5. It should always have the name, the designation and the signature of the issuing authority.

6. Notice is generally written in complete sentences but at time phrases are also acceptable.

7. As a notice usually announces an upcoming event/celebration, etc. so future time reference is used while writing a notice.

8. A notice should have all the details related to the event. It must have an answer to what, when, where, why, how.

9. The information should be presented accurately and concisely.

10. The language should be official.




Name and Address of Institution/Organization





The body of the notice (giving 5 relevant details)

Full name





A notice is a written or printed news, announcement or information. It is usually displayed publicly as on a school/college notice-board. Notice can also be given for insertion in a newspaper like an advertisement. But there is one main difference between an advertisement and a notice. An advertisement is chiefly commercial (or matrimonial) in nature, but notice is a general piece of information for a particular group. A notice should be in complete sentences or even in the form of a short paragraph, whereas an advertisement can be in the form of merely catchy phrases and slogans.

 Samples and Examples of Notices Are:-

Notice 1,2 & 3

Notice 4,5 & 6

Notice 7,8 & 9

Notice 10,11 & 12

Notice 13,14 & 15

Notice 16,17 & 18

Notice 19,20 & 21

Notice 22,23 & 24

Notice 25,26 & 27

Notice 28,29 & 30

Notice 31,32 & 33

Notice 34,35 & 36

Notice 37,38 & 39

Notice 40,41 & 42

Notice 43,44 & 45

Notice 46,47 & 48

Notice 49 & 50