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Class 11 & 12 Best Debate Writing Topics, Sample and Example


A debate is a contest in the form of an argument, dispute, controversy and discussion. It is usually between tot persons or two teams.

Points to Remember

1. Collect the points related to the topic both in favour and against it.

2. Read the reference books.

3. Discuss the topic with peer group or seniors.

4. Collect the authentic data and try to add the points which are beyond re-buttle.

5. Use simple and short sentences.

6. Address the audience.

7. Use questions, phrases and quotes.

Debate Writing Topics Samples and Solved Examples:-

1. Best Debate Writing Topic: Rising Prices
2.Best Debate Writing Topic: “Brain drain
3.Best Debate Writing Topic: “The Internet cannot replace a classroom teacher”
4.Best Debate Writing Topic: “Increasing incidents of rape and murder in metro cities
5. Best Debate Writing Topic: “Justice delayed is justice denied”
6.Best Debate Writing Topic: “We have Indian body but European psyche and soul’
7.Best Debate Writing Topic: “You can change your personality”
8. Best Debate Writing Topic: “Is Tradition a Waste for the Youth