1. Read the poem carefully and answer the questions that follow Subjective.

When I sailed out of Baltimore,

With twice a thousand head of sheep,

They would not eat, they would not drink,

But bleated over the deep.

Inside the pens we crawled each day, 5

To sort the living from the dead;

And when we reached the Mersey’s mouth,

Had lost five hundred head,

That had no fear of man or sea,

Struck through the bars its pleading face, 10

And I stroked it.

And to the sheep-men standing near,

“You see”, I said, “this one tame sheep ?“

It seems a child has lost her pet,

“And cried herself to sleep.” 15

And every time we passed it by,

Sailing to England’s Slaughter-house;

Eight ragged sheep – men – tramps

training and thieves

Would stroke that sheep’s black nose. 20

— William H. Davis

  1. Given below is a summary of the poem. Complete it by writing the missing words/phrases against the correct blank numbers in your answer sheet: (4 marks)

When the narrator started from Baltimore with (a) ___________thousand sheep, they would neither (b) ___________nor drink. When they (c) ___________the Mersey’s mouth, five hundred sheep had died. There was one wailing sheep that had (d) ___________its little one.

  1. Complete the following statements: (2 marks)

(a) ___________ that had no fear of man or sea.

(b) The narrator stroked _____________

III. Find words/phrases from the extract which mean the same as the following: (2 marks)

 (a) a place where sheep are kept (line 5)  (b) shepherds (line 12)


  1. (a) two (b) eat (c) reached                                         (d) lost
  2. (a) There was one sheep (b) it fondly

III. (a) pen                                           (b) sheep-men