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Advertising Definition, Types, Format and Examples.


Advertisement Meaning / Advertisement Definition/ Advertising Definition/ What is an Advertisement?

An advertisement is a message carried in one of the various forms of ‘media’ such as newspapers and magazines, radio and television, and the posters and neon signs that we see in the market-places. The purpose of most advertisements is to persuade a particular audience or group of people to buy the product or service offered by the advertiser.

Importance of Advertisement

In other words, an advertisement is a powerful tool to promote sales or services. It is meant to attract the attention of a forgotten group. An advertisement is sent in public domain by print media or electronic media. Advertisements rafted for print media are published in newspapers, magazines and periodicals. These days advertising on Google is very popular only because of its importance.

Types of Advertisements/ Types of Advertising Media

There are, of course, many kinds of advertisements with a different purpose. Some advertisements are simply informative. The ‘small ads’ columns in the local newspapers, for example, may contain information of items for sale. They include a simple description of the item, but do not normally use the techniques of persuasive advertising. Other advertisements may try to promote a cause or an idea. For example, there are posters carrying messages such as ‘Big Benefits from Small Savings’ or ‘Protect Your Environment’. Sometimes the advertiser is the customer rather than the seller. In the ‘Jobs Vacant’ columns of national and local newspapers, employers advertise for the services of employees. But most advertising is concerned with persuading people to buy.

1.Classified advertisements.

2. Display or commercial advertisements.

1. Classified advertisements: These are printed under various categories such as situations vacant, property for sale, matrimonial, and lost & found. These are very brief, occupy less space and are economical. These are written in a simple and concise language using short phrases and words. Articles and conjunctions are avoided and prepositions are rarely used. Every advertisement must contain contact no. or address or both.

2. Display or commercial advertisements: These advertisements are written for promotion/sale of products. They can be of any size or colour and contain a lot of illustrations, sketches, drawings, etc. Different fonts can be used to make them attractive. These occupy more space and so cost more to be printed in the newspaper.


There is no doubt that advertisement plays a very important role in the promotion of one’s business, but a business advertisement should be drafted, designed and laid out in an artistic manner that will tempt the reader to go through it even if he has no desire to buy the advertised product. The following points should be kept in mind while drafting a business advertisement:

1. It shouldn’t be too cluttered.

2. It should be simple and to the point.

3. It should be worded beautifully and tastefully.

4. The name of the advertiser and of the advertised product should be given in bold/capital letters.

5. A business advertisement should never be too lengthy. It should be as brief as possible. The modern reader has neither the time nor the patience to go through lengthy write-ups. To sum up—




Advertisements can be sent for the ‘Classified Section’ of a newspaper, or for some other specified space or page of the newspaper which is known as Display Advertisements.

 The Classified Section of a newspaper is divided into many parts. e.g. (1) Situations Vacant (2) Situations Wanted (3) Sale and Purchase (4) Arms and Ammunition (5) Books (6) Accountancy (7) Consultancy (8) Stock Exchange (9) Educational (10) Tuition (11) Agents and Distributors, etc.

Big business houses generally prefer to have their advertisements displayed separately at some special place or page of the newspaper. Extra charges have to be paid for it.

 Note: (1) Classified Advertisements are charged at the rate of per word/line. Maximum word limit is usually 80-100. More than that the Ad is considered as the Display Advertisement.

Blocks or designs are allowed in Classified Advertisements.

(2) Display Advertisements are charged at the rate of per column cm. There is no limit to their size.

ADVERTISEMENT WRITING EXAMPLES/ SOLVED QUESTIONS (CLASSIFIED EXAMPLES)/Advertisement Examples in English/ Advertisement Format/ advertisement layout



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