9.The Comet PART 1

9.The Comet PART 1


1. Why does Indrani Debi dislike Duttada’s “hobnobbing” with Dibya?

Answer: Since the time Duttada acquired his Dibya he was always engrossed in it. It was a telescope which Duttada cherished to have throughout his life. He was addicted to looking at stars for hours. It certainly reduced his attention on other aspects of his life and more so on his wife Indrani Debi. That is why Indrani Debi disliked his continuous engagement with Dibya.

 2. She is complaining and smiling. Why is she smiling?

Answer: Indrani Debi knew that her husband never gave a damn care to household issues. But on that night he did not forget to shut the door before leaving for star-gazing.  She was smiling for his rare carefulness.

 3. (i) What was Duttada’s secret ambition?

Answer: Duttada wanted to discover some new comet.

 (ii) What did he do to achieve it?

Answer: He would keep on making complex observations and recording them.

4. What is the difference between a planet and a comet, as given in the story?

Answer: Planets encircle the sun in circular paths hence are visible throughout the year. On the other hand, comets move in an eccentric path hence are visible once in several years and even once in a century.

 5. Why was Duttada hopeful that he would discover a new comet soon?

Answer: Duttada knew that professional astronomers have to follow their organization’s guidelines to look
for faint stars and nebulae. They don’t pay attention to insignificant things like a comet. All the comets had been discovered by amateur astronomers till date. So Duttada was hopeful of discovering a new comet.

 6. Why does Duttada say — “I almost wish I had not discovered this comet.”?

Answer: Duttada was an introvert person. He was disturbed by all the attention he started to get after his
discovery. That is why he was ruing the fact that he discovered the new comet.

 7. Why is his wife unhappy about the discovery?

Answer: The wife was having faith in the belief that comets bring bad luck with them. She did not like her husband’s name associated with a comet.

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1. How did Sir John get hold of James’ original manuscript?

Answer: The editor of the magazine ‘Nature’ was Sir John’s friend. Utilizing his relation with the editor he got hold of James’ original script.

 2. What is the important point the paper makes?

Answer: The paper made a prediction that Dutta’s Comet would collide with the earth in 10 months time leading to the end of all living things on the earth.

 3. Why does Sir John say that James’ paper should not be published?

Answer: Sir John wanted no panic to be created among people. He was confident of finding a solution to this problem with help of the world’s scientists.

 4. What do the two men finally decide to do?

Answer: They decided to call a secret meeting of experts within a week’s time to think over and find the
solution to the imminent problem.

Extra Question and Answers on The Comet

Qu1- Describe the atmosphere when Mr Dutta was watching the moon?
Ans- It was a moonless night, the cool breeze was blowing making the night cold.
Qu2-The writer says “She although knew the answer.”
Ans- Manoj Dutta was in the habit of hobnobbing with Dibya.Indrani Debi knew that he must have gone to gaze the stars. So the writer says that show knew the answer.
Qu 3-Indrani Debi was angry yet she smiled, why?
Ans- Manoj Dutta had a secret ambition in his mind of discovering is a comet. Indrani Debi was pleased to see the hard labour of her husband. so she smiled.
Qu4- How had Dibya put her spell on Duttada?
Ans- Dibya had put spell on Duttada as he was always busy in tete a tete with it neglecting his health. Both of them were always huddled together eye to eye.
Qu 5- What was Dutta’s lifetime ambition?
Ans- Duttada’s lifetime ambition was to buy a gigantic tie rope and observe heavens to discover a comet.
Qu 6-Who was Nabin Babu?
Ans – Nabin Babu was a doctor who advised Mr Manoj to avoid cold atmosphere and remain well dressed in woollen.
Qu7- How are comets similar to planets?
Ans- Like planets, comets also orbit around the sun.
Qu 8-Write a short note on Dibya Chakshu?
Ans-Dibya chakshu-divine eye of Mr Manoj Dutta, It was a telescope which he purchased after retirement. He used to observe the sky with it. It was the fulfilment of a lifetime ambition for him.
Qu9-What was Duttada afraid of?
Ans – Manoj Dutta was really meticulous as he had a calculator with him when he gazed at the sky. He used to calculate the speed of various stars and observe their position.
Qu 10- How can you say that Duttada was meticulous in his calculations?
Ans- The news was that a Calcutta man had discovered a new comet IIA had also confirmed the discovery. The comet would be visible to the naked eyes also in a few months.
Qu 11-What was the news in Anand Bajar Patrika?
Ans- IIA confirmed the discovery and communicated it worldwide and named it after the name of his discoverer, “Comet Duttada”.
Qu 12-What was the reaction of IIA on the discovery of the comet?
Ans- Duttada was introvert as he did not wish to attend welcome functions and ultimately he said that I wish I had not discovered it.
Qu 13-How can you say that Duttada was introvert?
Qu 14-Why does Duttada say that ‘’I almost, I had not discovered the comet, why?
Qu 15-Indrani Debi also thought that her husband had not discovered the comet? why?
Qu16- Why does Duttada feel that an M.A degree has not cured Indrani Debi?
Qu17- What was there in the note received by James? Who had written this note?
Qu18-What was the confidential meeting about?
Qu19-What is nature in the lesson?
Qu20-What was the tension of scientists all over the world?
Qu21-What was James confident at?
Qu22-Sir Jhon disagreed with James. why?
Qu23-Why was Sir James shocked to see outside
Quues24-What were the doubts in James mind?
Qu25-Mention the professions of the people present at the International conference?
Qu26-What was the suggestions given by different people to escape the
Qu27-Why was crowed gathered at Duttada’s home at the
Qu28-Why was Duttada furious at his wife?
Qu29-What was ‘ yajna’ who recommended it?
Qu30-Who said “ I am confident of buying my Christmas presents on Dec 15’’, what did it signify?
Qu31- Who was Khoka?What did he do?
Qu32-In spite of adverse conditions Duttada was hopeful what were the adverse conditions?