7.The Invention of Vita-Wonk

Invention of Vita-Wonk


Comprehension Check(Page
No: 101)


1. Choose the right

(i) Mr Willy Wonka is (a) a cook, (b) an
inventor, (c) a manager.

► (b) an inventor

Wonka-Vite makes people (a) older, (b) younger.

► (b) younger

(iii) Mr Wonka wants to invent a new
thing which will make people (a) younger, (b) older.

► (b) older


Can anyone’s age be a minus number? What does “minus 87” mean?




no one’s age can be a minus number. Here, “minus 87” means that a
person has got to wait eighty-seven years before he can come back.


3. Mr Wonka begins by asking himself two questions. What are they?

(i) What is _______________________________________________?

► the oldest living thing in the world?

(ii) What lives ____________________________________________?

► longer than anything else?


No: 102


Working with Text


(i) What trees does Mr Wonka mention? Which tree does he say lives the longest?

How long does this tree live? Where can you find it?




(i) Mr Wonka mentioned so many kinds of trees –Oak, Douglas fir,
cedar and bristlecone pine tree. He said that bristlecone pine tree lives the


(ii) This tree lives for over 4ooo years. We can find this tree on
Wheeler peak in Nevada, USA.


2. How many of the
oldest living things can you remember from Mr Wonka’s list? (Don’t look back at
the story!) Do you think all these things really exist, or are some of them
purely imaginary?




Some of the oldest things from Mr Wonka’s list are:

A 4000-year-old Bristlecone pine

(b) A 168-year old Russian Farmer

An egg laid by 200-year-old tortoise

(d) The tail of a 51-year-old Horse in Arabia

The tail of a 207-year-old giant Rat from Tibet.

(f) The whiskers of a 36-year-old cat called Crumpets.

Although, with some exception I think most of things in the list are
purely imaginary.


3. Why does Mr Wonka
collect items trom the oldest things? Do you think this is the right way to
begin his invention? 




Mr Wonka collected items from the oldest things because he wanted
to invent a something that would make people older. No, this is not the right
way to invent new things.


4. What happens to the
volunteer who swallows four drops of the new invention? What is the name of the




The volunteer who swallowed four drops of the new invention he began
wrinkling and shrivelling up all over and his hair started dropping off and his
teeth started falling out and he had suddenly become an old fellow of
seventy-five. The name of the invention was Vita-wonk.


No: 103


Working with language


Fill in the blanks in the recipe given below with
words from the box.

shred   cooker   times
tomatoes   half   onion   oil




• One ________________

• One cup dal
• Two thin green chillies
• __________________a teaspoon red chilli powder
• Eight small bunches of palak
• Two ___________________
• Salt to taste

Wash and cut the vegetables; ______________the palak. Put everything in a
pressure _________________. Let the cooker whistle three _____________, then
switch it off. Fry a few cumin seeds in __________________ and add to the






• One onion
• One cup dal
• Two thin green chillies
• Half a teaspoon red chilli powder
• Eight small bunches of palak
• Two tomatoes
• Salt to taste

Wash and cut the vegetables; shred the
palak. Put everything in a pressurecooker. Let the cooker whistle three times,
then switch it off. Fry a few cumin seeds in oil and add to
the palak-dal.