Class-8 Poem-7.When I Set Out For Lyonnesse

When I Set Out For Lyonnesse

Thomas Hardy

No: 110

1. In the first stanza, find words that show
(i) that it was very cold.
(ii) that it was late evening.
(iii) that the traveller was alone.


(i) Rime
(ii) Starlight
(iii) Lonesomeness

2. (i) Something happened at Lyonnesse. It was
(a) improbable.
(b) impossible.
(c) unforeseeable.
(ii) Pick out two lines from stanza 2 to justify your answer.


(i) (c) unforeseeable.

(ii) ‘No prophet durst declare;
Nor did the wisest wizard guess’

3.(i) Read the line (stanza 3) that implies the following.
‘Everyone noticed something, and they made
guesses, but didn’t speak a word’.
marked with mute surmise’

Now read the line that refers to what they noticed,

‘My radiance rare and fathomless’