101.Short Essay and Article on : Role of Students and Youths in National Reconstruction and Development

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Students and youths play an important role in the building of the country. Their role and participation can’t be underestimated. They are considered to be the backbone of our country. Taking into consideration all these points, write an article on ‘Role of students and youths in national reconstruction and development.’

Ans.                        Role of Students and Youths in National Reconstruction and Development                                 

The youths of a country are the backbone of any society. They have dreams, aspirations and ambitions of a better world and a better tomorrow. They sparkle with new-fangled ideas and bubble with enthusiasm. They can’t accept the status quo and clamour for change. India is one of the youngest nations of the world. The average age of India is 35 years. We have got a golden opportunity of using our youth power for the development of the nation. The youthful energy and dynamism of our youths and students can be gainfully employed and utilised for national reconstruction and resurgence. They have a duty towards their nation. The nation can use their energy and idealism in the eradication of intelligence. Illiteracy is still a curse for India. The youth can help rural people in many ways. They can literate the adults. By doing so they can bring the illiterates of India into the mainstream of national life. Youth organisations like the NSS and NCC can enlighten the villagers and the slum dwellers in the cities regarding sanitation, cleanliness, the menace of drugs and drinking and other harmful practices. They can motivate the villagers and the slum dwellers to follow family planning. Every nation has immense faith in its youth power. Students and youths of India can contribute to the development of the nation in many ways. They can be trained in First Aid, fire-fighting, nursing and air-raid precautions in NCC and NSS camps. They can be employed gainfully during natural disasters like the floods and droughts. Last but not least, they can lay the foundation of a strong, healthy and prosperous nation by fighting against social evils like gambling, drinking, drugs, smoking, child-marriage, corruption and superstitions. Their conscience must be awakened and their youthful energy and dynamism must be utilized for national resurgence and reconstruction. In a country where onion prices jump up to 278% and tomato prices 122% within a year, the agony of the masses can’t be defined in words. The persistent shrinkage of the purchasing power of their hard earned money makes their situation even more miserable. Let the government act responsibly. Hoarding, black marketing and profiteering must be crushed with a heavy hand. The supply line must be streamlined. Effective measures and exemplary punishments to the guilty can stem the rot.

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