Message Writing Format No.1&2

By | August 3, 2018

This page teaches you how to write a message and gives you creative writing skills to write text message. It has message format, slack message formatting,  for Class 7 grade writing prompts, message writing topics, writing exercises for grade 6, writing business messages, text message format and much more so let’s dive in-

 Read the following conversation between Mr. Rajan and Sudha and write the message for her as she is leaving for her music class. Write the message within 50 words.

Mr. Rajan: Hello. May I speak to Mr. Singh’?

Sudha: Sorry. Papa is not at home now. May I know who is speaking’?

Mr. Rajan: I am Mr. Rajan from the Telecom Department. Kindly inform that your father’s telephone bill for months is pending till date.

Sudha : All right. I shall inform my father as soon as he comes back.

Mr. Rajan : Also inform him that if he fails to pay the bill this month the telephone line will be disconnected. is may also pay the bill online with nominal extra charges.

Sudha: I am sorry sir. I will inform him and request him to pay the bill within two days.

 Mr. Rajan : Thank you.

Ans.                                                                 MESSAGE

 17th September. 2012                                                                                                                                     10.30 pm


Mr. Singh from Telecom Department called to inform you that your telephone bill for 3 months is pending till date. He also intomied that the lines will be disconnected if the bill is not paid within two days. Also he informed that you can also make the payment online with nominal extra charge. I am leaving for my tuition class now.


 Download the above Message in PDF

You are Hrishides. You receive the following telephone call when your sister is not at home.  As you are going out. Write a message for her so that she could do the needful. Put the message in a hot. (50 words)

 Soumya:  Hello! Is it 99O0220000?

Hrishidev: Yes. May I know who is speaking?”

Soumya: I am Soumya. May I talk to your sister?

Hrishidev: I’m sorry; she has gone to the market. Do you have any message to convey? Soumya : Please tell her to reach the dance class at 5 pm as the dance teacher wants to go for a picnic at  7 pm.

 Hrishidev: Sure. I’ll convey the message.

 Soumya: Thank you. So much.

Ans.                                                                 MESSAGE

 14th September. 2014                                                                                                                                          2 pm


 Soumya called up to inform you that you have to reach the dance class at 5 pm. The dance teacher u want to go for a picnic at 7 pm.


Download the above Message in PDF

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