The Song of Birds

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The Song of Birds

The song of many birds seems beautiful to us. That is why it is called song, for it reminds us of human song. We do not know birds themselves consider their song beautiful, although we to believe that they do. What birds feel we will never know because they have no means of telling us.  But we do not know other things about birdsong.

If we watch a male bird-song, such as a nightingale early in the morning in early spring, just after it has arrived from its winter quarters, we shall notice that it is alone and has not yet got a mate. It spends most of its time singing. If we watch closely, we will see that while it sings it looks continually round in all directions. It is clearly very much on the alert.


(a) Why do we not know how birds feel?

(b) Why does a male songbird sing?

(c) How does a male bird spend time when alone?

(d) What does the male bird do while singing?

(e) Give the suitable title to the passage.

(f) Find a word in the passage Which means the same as “remember”.


Answers :

(a) We do not know how birds feel they have no means of telling us.

(b) A male songbird sings to attract a female bird.

(c) It spends time in singing.

(d) The male bird looks around in all directions for its mate.

(e) The Song of Bird.

(f) Remind.

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