Class 8 Passage-36 SOUND (200 Words Subjective Solved)

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Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

There are two ways in which sounds are produced. Either, they may occur naturally, such as thunder, volcanic eruptions, ocean waves, waterfalls, wind moving the trees or they are made purposely, such as musical sound, the man speaking to communicate and bird’s and other animal’s sound. There are different kinds of sounds and they can be pleasant or unpleasant. Noise is a sound that is unpleasant to a person. To make the sound, a thing has to vibrate. Vibrations can be felt by placing the fingertips on any object making the sound, such as a ringing bell or the throat while speaking. Strings, skins or the air in pipes of musical instruments, vibrate to produce sound waves. The rate of the sound waves gives the sound a certain pitch, a sense of high sound or a low sound. Each musical instrument has its own distinctive features. The Jal Tarang as the name suggests produces high and low musical sounds due to the varied water levels in the containers. The music, thus, produced is melodious and soothing for years.
(a) How can sounds be produced?
(b) How can the vibrations be felt?
(c) Give two examples of natural sounds.
(d) Use ‘communicate’ and ‘unpleasant’ in sentences of your own.                                             

 Ans. (a) Sounds can be produced by vibration.
(b) By placing the fingertips on any object making the sound.
(c) Thunder, volcanic eruption, sea waves.
(d) (i) There are a number of means to communicate available today.
(ii)It is difficult to entertain unpleasant neighbours.

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