Class-10 Passage-116 Life of Women (300 Words Subjective Unsolved)

By | May 14, 2018

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Life of Women

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

In India working women lead a life of dual responsibilities if they are married and have a family. In the West, many women are hard-headed careerists and are committed to their jobs. Here in India women still have traditional roles to fulfil and prefer a career to avoid domestic drudgery. There are four categories of working women in India. Some work while they are waiting for matrimony. A majority work because they are qualified, want a second income and a different kind of life for part of the day. A small section consists of career-women. A sizeable section of women as breadwinners. It is quite apparent that with a majority of working women the family takes precedence over the job. They prefer to stay in joint families where their children can be taken care of while they are at work. When they come back in the evenings from the relatively modern surroundings of their work-spots, their personalities have to undergo a change to accommodate the demands of their time and attention by different family members whose predominant feelings are of having been neglected. These women often do their shopping on the way from the office. They reserve their weekends for heavy housework which will help them to cope with the rest of the week with relatively less tension. Weekends are also reserved for spending time with their spouses and children, for entertainment, family duties, visits and other such endless chores. Actually speaking they hardly have time for personal needs. Despite the freedom and confidence in their jobs and pay packets, working women still prefer to leave the financial decision-making and budgeting to their husbands. They are unwilling to compromise on their dual burdens and prefer jobs with flexible timings. They are not unduly fashion-conscious but take pride in graceful clothing. Indian working women are managing their double roles admirably.

1. What type of life do working women lead in India?

2. How are women in the West different from Indian women?

3. Why do the majority of working women work?

4. Why do working women prefer to stay in joint families?

5. Why do working women reserve their weekends for heavy housework?

6. What do working women reserve their weekends for?

7. What do working women prefer to leave their husbands?

8. What are working women not willing to do?

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