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Following are the reading comprehension worksheets for class 10th in English These comprehension passages are known by many names as reading comprehension exercises, reading comprehension test, reading passages, reading skills, reading comprehension, ks2 reading, basic reading skills worksheets.  These ENGLISH short stories with questions and answers are printable and absolutely free. The comprehension questions are value based. guarantees to be the best comprehension resource. Question types include subjective, objective and multiple choice  


Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
1. I guess you can say I fled. Once, I desperately needed a break. So, I applied for leave and in no time was on my way to my brother’s home, 360 kilometres away.
2. I have had rheumatoid arthritis since the age of 12.1 can only sit on flat surfaces. My bed, my portable commode and my wheelchair, all have to be specially made. Each time I go on a large trip, I have to take the whole entourage along. Since the stairs in my brother’s house were too steep for the wheelchair, my sis-in-law took me to look at two others places where I could stay: a student’s dormitory and a place at the back of my brother’s house, next to an apple orchard.
3. From a distance, the trees began to tease me with glistening spots of tempting red. As I wheeled closer, I realised that they were laden with fruit. Each cluster had 20 to 30 big apples. Yet the railings, fencing the orchard, were rusty. Except for the apples, the whole place looked quite dead.
4. My brother had three children: two boys, ten-year-old Hakon and seven-year-old Thomas, and three-year-old daughter whom we affectionately called Meeya. meaning little girl. As soon as the boys came back from school, I’d put my books and manuscripts away in the drawer. Hakon would get my wheelchair read and push me out on an exploration. Four kids from the neighbourhood would tag along uninvited. The contingent of seven three to eleven years old, hung around me all day.
5. ‘There are plenty of apples in the orchard. It’s such a pity nobody is picking them,” I told the children.
6. Every child is at once an angel and a devil. The youngsters immediately understood me. They yelled. “Let’s check it out.” We were off.
The orchard stood quietly in the sunlight. The apples were red and enticing. Our gaze was fixed on them. Without losing a moment, the small thieves rushed at the fruits, but the bigger and riper ones were higher up and out of our reach. I promptly told the children to fetch a broken table and a piece of wire from the rubbish dump. Then, I showed them how to fashion the wire into a hook. Two of the taller kids stood on the table, one pulling and the second picking the fruits. The other passed them down busily enjoying themselves.
The small thieves admired my ingenuity. “Auntie. you are really great.” They ran around everywhere in excitement. They screamed and yelled. In the midst of the commotion. the children’s father suddenly appeared out of nowhere and caught us unawares. The small thieves fled, leaving me, the gang chief neatly cornered.
“So, you have turned into a petty thief,” my brother joked, ‘What if you are arrested ?”Arrested? Me? Do I look like a thief to you I sat up in my wheelchair and feigning innocence, said, “Am I capable of such an act, considering my physical condition ?’ Laughing, my brother pushed me home. I was not really after the apples. What I was trying to steal was that quality called childhood?

Answer the following :
(a)’Lets check it out’ in the passage means
(b) Give two reasons for the narrator’s choosing a place near the orchard for her stay :
(i)__________________________________________________________________________ (ii)_________________________________________________________________________

(c)Pick out a phrase from the above passage that indicates that the narrator is ‘young at heart’ and write it in the space provided.
(d) Why did the children say, ‘Auntie you are really great ?
Answers :
(a) That the children decided to go and pluck the apples.

(b) (i) She suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and stairs in her brother’s house were too sleep.
      (ii) She wanted to be close to her brother’s house.

(c) I was trying to steal that quality called childhood.

(d) They admired her for her ingenuity.

Pick one word each from the passage which mean the following :
(a) Original hand written document (para 4)
(b) Attracting (para 3)
(c) Clever at making anything happen (para 8)
(d) Noisy disturbance (para 8)
Answers :
(a) Manuscript,

(b) Tempting,

(c) Ingenui ty.

(d) Commotion

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