Keeping Quiet- Theme & Message

By | July 8, 2019

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Keeping Quiet

                                       By- Pablo Neruda

Theme / Central Idea of the Lesson. Analysis of Keeping Quiet


The poet, Pablo Neruda, urges mankind to cease all activity for a little while. During these few moments of silence and inactivity, all human beings would be one, united, and in harmony with each other and nature. This togetherness and oneness

is most desirable for the survival of the earth and of human beings. Neruda believes that the soul housed within the human body is capable of performing this feat if given a chance to shine out through introspection, for which absolute silence and stillness is essential.

Theme (2)

keeping Quiet is a simple poem about the need for a little bit of soul-searching which may help us to make peace with ourselves and others. It tells us how a moment of silent introspection will make us realize the utter of our aggressive endeavours.

Moral/ Message of the lesson Keeping Quiet


`Keeping Quiet’ leaves a message of universal brotherhood and peace. It urges people to stop all sorts of aggression, including that towards the environment. If we think of ourselves as the hands of the clock on the face of this earth, moving in our routine ways, won’t it be a good thing to stop at twelve and do some introspection?

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