126. Formal Letter Sample : Letter Regarding Mushrooming of slums and illegal colonies

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Using the information given below and inventing your own ideas, write a letter to the editor of a national daily showing your concern at the mushrooming of illegal colonies and slums in all the metros. Also, suggest some remedial measures to stop them.


* Mushrooming of illegal settlements and colonies

 * Slums—no provision for pure water, drains and electricity

 * Waterlogged; breeding grounds for mosquitoes

* Authorities must ensure cities and towns without slums

Ans. 20, East Park Road


12th February, 20XX

The Editor



 Sub: Mushrooming of slums and illegal colonies


Though the column of your prestigious national daily, I express my dismay at the mushrooming of illegal colonies and slums in the big cities of India.

The haphazard urbanisation is the root cause of all such evils. This led to the proliferation of many illegal colonies and clusters of slums in every big city. The unmanageable population of the cities makes a mockery of all development plans. Thousands of people are living a miserable life in these stinking slums. They don’t have even basic civic amenities. Pure drinking water is not available to them. There is no provision for the sewerage or drainage system. Water-logging is a major problem, especially during the rainy season. Life in a slum and life in hell are not much different.

 The government must act before our cities get chocked with the stink of slums. It can slow down the migration to cities by opening agro-based cottage industries in the region. The negligent and corrupt officials who let such illegal settlements to flourish must be sacked or severely punished. Only a concerted drive on the part of the vigilant authorities can save our cities from being choked with the stink of slums.

 Yours faithfully

 Ram Lakhan

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