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You are Tarika/Tarun of Non Public School. Faridabad. You are taking part in Inter School Debate Competition. The topic of the debate is ”Animal performance should be banned in circus”. Write for against the topic in about 120 words.

Ans. My name is Tarun and I am from Doon Public School, Faridabad. I am going to present my views on the topic ‘why animal performances should be banned in circus’. Ever since men have dominated the earth. The men have had to face numerous threats from us. it is true that men have not yet stopped practicing cruelties to animals for his selfish needs. There is society for prevention of cruelty towards animal (SPCA), yet it is heart rending to see how cruelly we treat animals, especially in circus shows. It is really sad to watch animals being captivated in small cages and really uncomfortable conditions. It is painful to watch the ring masters use cruel ways make the animals perform antics and dangerous feats. They looked hungry and emancipated. But the whip of the ring master makes them do the things unwillingly. The training methods are inhumane and cruel. At times we also hear about the tigers being trained using electric shocks. Elephants are trained using a spear in their head. f warn to arouse the conscience of all animal’s livers to wage a movement against the cruelty and torture that is being inflicted upon the helpless beasts. Circus is nothing but slavery of animals. In today’s world such inhumane treatment cannot be justified on any ground.

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