Informal Letter Sample, Examples, Template and Format No. 3

By | July 31, 2018

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 Your school organized an Inter-School Athletics meet. You took an active part in a number of events and won quite a few prizes as well. Write a letter to your cousin describing your experience and observations in the space provided. You may use Ideas from the unit on ‘Sports and Games’


158, Navjevan Hostel

Ashok Vihar


 5th January, 200…

 My dear Geeta,

Our School enjoyed a three day Inter School Athletics meet last week. More than ten schools from the district area took part in it. The Education Secretary declared the sports meet open. It was followed by an impressive march past by different teams. Shushan, the chief captain of our school team took the oath on behalf of the participants to remain fair in every event. Then the actual events started. In the very first event of 800 metres race. I won the first position. In Javelin throw my class fellow Mohit won the second position.

Besides these, there were fun games like sack-race tug of war, three legged race. Onion-spoon and four hand race. There was a musical chair race for the staff and the other accompanying teachers. Our Computer Teacher Mrs. Bhawna Mittal won the event. The pillow-flight was held on the last day. The spectators stood in their seats to enjoy the event. The whole ground reverberated with laughter as the participants fell in mud one by one. On this day the prizes were given away by the Education Commissioner. I was happy to get my prize. Our Principal thanked the chief guest and declared the Athletic meet closed. Everybody dispersed after the National Anthem.

 Yours affectionately,


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