Informal Letter Sample, Examples, Template and Format No. 2

By | July 31, 2018

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 Prakash Rao is a student at St. John’ School, Chennai. He has just returned to school from a trekking expedition organized by his PT instructor. His uncle Paid for the trip, and now Prakash wants to write to him giving an account of his experiences. Using ideas from the unit on ‘Sports and Adventure’. As well as WI/ own ideas; write the letter from Prakash to his uncle in the space provide.


St John’s School,


 August 30, 200…

Dear Uncle,

We returned safe and sound from our trekking expedition to Amaranth in Kashmir. Bed h mil% It was a wonderful experience, packed with thrill and adventure and risk. We reached Pahalgam from Srinagar by bus. The next day we started on our trek to Chandeliered at a distance of 12 kms. At 8 a.m. It was a continuous uphill climb which we covered in 8 hours. We reached Chandanwari in the evening and pitched our tent. We stayed there for the night and cooked our food.

The next day we packed our food and left for Sheshnag 8 kms on way to Amarnath. This trek took us 5 hours with steep ascent and a high mountain ridge in between. Our next destination was Panch Tarni. 5 km. away. it was the toughest part of the trek. The route was marked with steep climbs and slopes. We had to cross the streams of icy cold water and leap over rocky terrain. We reached Panch Tarni at 5.30 p.m. and stayed there for the night in the tourist hut.

Our destination, Amarnath was still 6 miles away. Next morning the weather was fine. We left at 7 a.m. and we were at the Amarnath Shrine at 11. We had darshan of the Shiv Ling in the cave. The same day we started our return journey. Following the same route we reached Pahalgam and from there we came back to Srinagar by bus.

Though the expedition was well organized„ we had our share of problems. One body lost his way. Some of us got bruished. We had an encounter with a bear also. But thank God, no major mishap is fell us.

 Thanks a lot for enabling me to join the trip.

 With warm regards

Yours affectionately      

Prakash Rao

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