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By | April 12, 2019
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Writing creative short stories is an art. So don’t think how to write a short story outline because we are giving story writing tips for beginners along with with short story examples for high school and story writing topics. Remembering the importance of story writing for class 10 and story writing in English for class 9 have also been included. This page includes short story ideas for high school and story ideas for teenagers This page also includes story writing format CBSE class 8. There are so many stories writing blogs but the story writing ideas, story writing prompts, and story writing samples we are providing are nowhere. Find these story writing examples


Learn Story Writing –
Creative, imaginative and effective short story writing in English is no doubt an artful task that’s why students are generally engrossed in with the questions like how to write a good and interesting short story plot, how to write a story plan, how to write a creative story and generally ask tips on how to write a good short story. Writing a good short story requires a lot of techniques and planning. If you are searching for a place to get how to get better at writing stories. Fortunately, you are on the right platform. Here is mantra-creative writing help for you to get enriched in this art. These creative writing techniques will enable you to make your own short stories and become a great short story writer. Especially these are the tips of story writers for beginners. Even then I would like to say that writing skills are something that rises from the innermost fold of your heart.

How to Write a Story Step by Step-
1. Remember that the whole literature is based on Illusion, Pleasure and Truth (IPT)Decide what feelings you want to arouse in the reader’s mind.
2. The first paragraph should be catchy which attracts the reader’s interest with something unusual and unexpected. Don’t insert too much of your own feeling s but target the reader and let them think.
3. Always introduce lively and multi-faceted characters but remember to give them qualities according to your plot.
4. As a writer, you have to decide who is going to narrate the story because the story is the one which has a narrator. It is much different from a novel.
5. Include some meaningful dialogues. Let your readers understand the personality of your characters and flow with them.
6. Set up the plot it is how you set up the situation, where the turning points of the story are, and what the characters do at the end of the story.
“A plot is a series of events deliberately arranged so as to reveal their dramatic, thematic, and emotional significance.” –Jane Burroway
7. Create conflict and tense atmosphere. According to Janet Burroway-
“Conflict is the fundamental element of fiction because in literature only trouble is interesting. It takes the trouble to turn the great themes of life into a story: birth, love, work, and death. ”
8. Build a climax. The main character understands what hasn’t been seen before, and realizes what must be done, or finally decides to do it.
9. Conclusion- The central character may win or may lose exposing the reality of society’s reality.

The format of Story Writing-

Beginning- Interesting phrases like- “Adam was in a fix”, “The day was departing”, “The breeze was messaging his face”, “Every morning I used to walk there but that day was different”
Character Introduction- A few dialogues can reveal the characters in a well way but remember to keep them limited otherwise the story will look like a one-act play.
Plot- Description of happenings in their best order.
Conclusion- End of the story

Marking Scheme (CBSE Board) (12 marks)

Title- 1 Mark

Fluency- 2 marks

Accuracy- 2 marks

Content- 7 marks

Download the Above Tips in PDF

Exercises/ Assignments for story writing practice-
Here are a few creative writing prompts as well as examples for your practice which will help you what to write a story about –

Solved Examples-

1. Write a story in about 150-200 words with the following beginning and give a suitable title to it.
Rahul was alone at home. Suddenly the phone rang …………………….


Rahul’s Presence of Mind

Rahul was alone at home. Suddenly the phone rang. He hesitated for a moment but then picked up the receiver. Though he said ‘Hello’, there was no response from the other side. He repeated ‘Hello’ but still no one replied from the other end. The phone rang again but this time somebody asked if his father was at home. When Rahul asked who was calling, the caller refused to identify himself and kept on asking his parents’ whereabouts. When Rahul refused to answer, the line was disconnected.
After some time, the doorbell rang. As Rahul peeped through the keyhole, he found a tall man with a beard outside the door. Rahul got scared and quickly ran towards the phone and called up his father’s friend who lived in their colony and told him about the incident. His uncle asked him not to worry as he would reach soon. He quickly collected some other men from the neighbourhood, and with his pet dog, reached Rahul’s home. The tall man was looking for a way to get into the house when Rahul’s uncle’s dog held his leg with its teeth. The man panicked and tried to run away but was overpowered by all the men.
Soon, the police reached Rahul’s home and his parents also returned and thanked the neighbours. Everyone praised Rahul’s presence of mind which saved his life.


2. Write a story in about 150-200 words with the following beginning and give a suitable title to it. (10)
It had been over two hours waiting for the train. Ruhi was getting restless. Suddenly she………………………

A Childhood Saved

It had been over two hours waiting for the train. Ruhi was getting restless. Suddenly she noticed a child begging at the platform. He appeared to be a little, sweet boy who had a small bag on his shoulder. She noticed a book in his bag. Ruhi was eager to know where the child lived. There was still more than an hour left for her train to arrive. So, she got up and started following him. The boy moved out of the station and entered a slum nearby. He got into a house which appeared to be a very dirty and unhygienic place. There were other child beggars in the house who were in the age group of 5 — 12 years. They were thin and weak. They had money but nothing to eat. Just then, a burly man entered the house. The children became quiet. He asked them for the money that they had collected by begging. The poor children handed all the money they had to him.
Ruhi understood that it was a racket of child beggars. She felt pity for those small children. She decided to inform the police. The police and an NGO ‘Bachpan Bachao Andolan’ soon reached the place. The man was perplexed on seeing the police. The police arrested him and the children were sent under the protection of the NGO from where they would be sent to their homes. Ruhi felt relieved and was appreciated by everyone. She was later rewarded by the government for her effort in rescuing the children.


3. Read the given line and complete the story in 150-200 words. Give a suitable title to your story. (10)
Last Sunday, I was watching TV. Suddenly I heard people shouting outside………….

A Spaceship on Earth!

Last Sunday, I was watching TV. Suddenly I heard people shouting outside. It was about 10:30 p.m. As I opened my door, bright lights from outside dazzled my eyes. I went outside towards the place where a large crowd had gathered outside our colony park. There was a huge spaceship that had landed in the park. It had a thousand lights blinking and from the windows, one could see a few strange figures peeping out. I was surprised to see the aliens. Meanwhile, the police had also reached the park. People were shouting and asking the police to take the aliens out of the ship. They were very excited to see them. By this time, few scientists and researchers had also reached the spot. They had brought some instruments along with them.
As they started moving towards the spaceship, the sirens that were installed in it started blowing. We could notice the strange figures hurriedly moving inside the spaceship. Then, as if understanding the intentions of the scientists that they probably wanted to capture them, they started blowing green-coloured dust from their spaceship. Its wheels started moving like a blower and the spaceship started moving upwards. The scientists rushed out of the park. People tried to click pictures of the spaceship but their cameras showed only a black screen. The spaceship safely moved out of the hands of the humans who would have otherwise captured the aliens and started a study on them. I thanked God for saving their lives from the clutches of the inhuman humans.


4. Read the given line and complete the story in 150-200 words. Give a suitable title to your story. (10)
When Amit woke up in the morning and looked at his face in the mirror, he did not recognise the face looking back at him. ‘This is not me he cried aloud …


A Lost identity!

When Amit woke up in the morning and looked at his face in the mirror, he did not recognise the face looking back at him. ‘This is not me………… ‘ he cried aloud. The face staring at him was calm and cool. Amit moved his fingers on the surface of the mirror. It felt different. He touched his face. It appeared strange and was like touching someone else’s face. He felt scared and anxious. Where was his face? What had happened? He tried to recall the last evening’s events and could hardly remember anything. He opened the door of his room where another shock awaited him. He noticed some people in his house who seemed to be like his parents, grandparents and sister but everybody had the same face, the face he now shared with them.
He tried hard to remember what he had been doing the previous night. Yes, he remembered he had been reading a book ‘The Alien visits Home’. It was an old book that was kept in the attic. There were some magical words in the book which he had chanted loudly. He quickly looked for the book, opened it and tried hard to find those magical words. He also found the words which undid the effect of the words he had spoken the previous night. He muttered the words and with a loud whoosh sound he was shaken up and fell unconscious on the floor. When he opened his eyes he was lying on his bed. He quickly got up and ran towards the mirror. It was his original face, his own.


5. Write a story in about 150-200 words with the following beginning and give a suitable title to it. (10)

It was 6 o’clock in the evening and there was a lot of traffic on the road. Mohan was driving his way when suddenly two teenagers on bike overtook his car.


A Great Lesson

It was 6 o’clock in the evening and there was a lot of traffic on the road. Mohan was driving his car when suddenly two teenagers on bike overtook his car and laughing, they drove on. Mohan applied the brakes of his car in the nick of time. He was very angry but since he was getting late for an important meeting at his office, he ignored the bike riders and drove ahead. He hadn’t gone too far when he heard a loud crash. A bike had crashed on the divider of the road. The driver probably lost his balance. Mohan got out of his car quickly and rushed towards the accident. He could see the faces of the victims. They were the same teenagers who had overtaken his car. They both went were without helmets and were bleeding profusely. Mohan wasted no time. With the help of some passers-by, he picked them up and immediately took them to a hospital in his car. He informed their family members using one of the boys’ mobile. The timely treatment saved the lives of the boys who were ashamed of their actions after meeting Mohan. Mohan forgave them and advised them to follow traffic rules as they are meant for people’s safety. They promised not to drive until they were eighteen.


 6. Read the following prompt and weave a story an about 150 words. Provide a suitable title also.

The moment Hari stepped down from the train he was greeted at the platform by the people of his small town. They had gathered there with garlands and a band…..

Solution-                                                           A Real Hero Comes Back

The moment Hari stepped down from the train he was greeted at the platform by the people of his small town. They had gathered there with garlands and a band, because a real patriot, retired army man regardless of his salary, family and his own life had appeared back after one and half year.   

It started long back that China attacked India and through a newspaper, Hari came to know that there was a great shortage of manpower in the Indian Army. At the very moment, he determined to devote himself for the sake of the country by fulfilling the demand of manpower.  Though the marriage function of his daughter was going on, he did not care as he was regardless of everything in front of his country. As expected India won over China and by a collective effort of real heroes like Hari. India once more touched the horizon success and the dawn of relief was ours.

People also understood that if we are breathing in a free country it is because of the sacrifice and the devotion of people like Hari. It was raining but people enjoyed it with a real hero and considered the rain a pious sign.



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