1.Story Writing Solved Example- My Success Story

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The following solved example of story writing as per CBSE syllabus for classes9 and 10 will help you to understand the required terms for story writing. This CBSE story sample for kids is also entertaining. The prompt or the question may be taken as a worksheet.

“……….Ultimately I won it as I was determined to achieve my goal.” The closing of the story is given above. You can start your own story but you cannot change the end. Write the story in 200- 250 words.

Hints- humble family background – no guidance or support – ambition – difficulties – didn’t give up – long  struggle paved the way for success

Answer-                                             My Success Story

I come from a very humble family background. My father was a labourer who toiled in the fields all day.  My mother worked at home, making papads and selling them to the women of the village. I was the eldest of six siblings. My mother wanted me to study and achieve something in life. I too dreamt of becoming an IAS officer.  The path to this achievement was very difficult as our village did not have a high school. My parents sent me to the nearby town to study. I went to school during the day and worked as a porter at the railway station at night. I felt quite lucky to have a chance of witnessing a real struggle which inspired me. There was no one who would guide me, but I was determined to fulfil my dream. In spite of the difficulties, I did not give up. I scaled the walls of success one after the other and finally reached the summit that I had set for myself. Today I am a collector of my district and my family is very proud of me. I am not ashamed of my humble beginning as the long struggle paved the way for my success. Though the struggle to achieve the IAS title was difficult, ultimately I won it as I was determined to achieve my goal.

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