3.Story Writing Solved Example- A Foolish Suspense

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The following solved example of story writing as per CBSE syllabus for classes 9 and 10 will help you to understand the required terms for story writing. This CBSE story sample for kids is also entertaining. The prompt or the question may be taken as a worksheet.


Question. 3- Write a story in 200-250 words starting with the prompt given below.

Raghav walked fast. It was getting dark. He then realized that he had lost his way…………

Answer-A Foolish Suspense

Raghav was late that day. He walked fast as it was getting dark. His family had shifted to this locality just last month and he was still not sure about the area. He took the shortcut through the park but then realised that he had taken the wrong exit. He walked on for a while but panic was creeping in. He wanted to reach home as soon as possible. He soon realised that he had lost his way because he did not see the familiar landmarks. He wanted to turn back but he did not want to go through the park again. He glanced at his watch and was horrified to see that it was 10 o’clock. He knew his mother must be waiting for him. Suddenly he heard footsteps behind him and thinking someone was following him, he walked faster. He started running when he heard the footsteps getting nearer. He did not know where he was going, but he ran until he fell down. Someone grabbed him and Raghav screamed loudly. He heard his brother calling out to him. Raghav breathed a sigh of relief and went home with his brother.

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