94.Class 11 & 12 Letter to Editor : Regarding Concern over Violence and Sex in Indian Films

By | February 12, 2019

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You are deeply disturbed by the display of violence and sex in Indian films. Can this trend be done away with? Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper commenting on the situation and suggesting some measures to dilute the intensity of this trend.

Ans. 35, Lower Mall


July 5, 2Oxx

 The Editor

 The Tribune


Subject: Concern over violence and sex in Indian films


 Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to express my views pertaining to the shameless display of violence and sex in Indian films. This trend is highly disconcerting. The producers feel that only the inclusion of sex and violence in their films can ensure their success at the box office. So they give a heavy dose of bedroom scenes, bathing scenes, rape scenes. Filmmakers are not bothered whether such scenes are needed or not. Thus, scenes depressingly lewd and totally unsuitable for mass viewing are displayed.

Today the fight composer occupies a special position. He remains in search of ingenious ways of perpetrating cruelty. This display of mindless violence pollutes the minds of viewers. Their sensibility gets contaminated. Imitating their heroes, they also indulge in violence. Our generation has become trigger-happy.

The blanket ban on the scenes of sex and violence will not do and it is not desirable. It will mean swimming against the currents. Sex should be treated aesthetically to invoke pleasure and not basic instincts. Similarly, evil cannot be excluded from life. Cinema mirrors society. Evil and violence will stay there, but violence shown in films must look repulsive and not glorious. Above all, our film-makers should not blindly follow Hollywood. Ours is a different culture. For their own profits, they should not be allowed to corrupt our society.

Yours sincerely,


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