85.Class 11 & 12 Letter to Editor : Regarding Expressing Concern Towards Irregularities Being Done in a Fair Price Shop

By | February 12, 2019

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You are Ram/Rita of DAV School and your residence is near a fair price shop. You are disturbed at the non-availability of essential commodities in the fair price shop of your area. You buy nothing from this shop as it is meant only for the people of low-income groups. But seeing the poor women and elderly going away empty-handed you feel upset. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper drawing the attention of the authorities to the plight of the people and irregularities done by the owners of the fair price shop.

Ans. 14, Gupta Colony


March 4, 20xx

The Editor

The Hindustan Times

 New Delhi.

Subject: Expressing concern towards irregularities being done in a fair price shop


Through the columns of your well-circulated newspaper, I would like to express my concern about the non-availability of essential commodities in the fair price shop of our area.

This fair price shop is run by a private party under the direct supervision of the Food and Supplies Department. It is supposed to maintain a steady supply of essential commodities at reasonable and subsidized rates. But these commodities mostly remain conspicuous by their absence. Although I do not buy anything from the shop as it is for the benefit of the people of low-income groups, women and the elderly come and go away empty-handed and this pinches me a lot. I feel upset.

 The shopkeeper invariably puts the blame on the government and complains that essential commodities are in short supply and so he cannot satisfy the customers. But the fact is otherwise. A bulk of the commodities is sold to the private shopkeepers who sell them at market rates and the money is distributed among fair price shop owner and officials. The consumers are compelled to buy commodities from elsewhere. They have to shell out extra money which they have earned by a lot of hard work.

The officials visit the shop, sign the registers and go away with their fattened purses.

 I hope the appearance of my letter in your newspaper will draw the attention of the higher authorities to this irregularity and malpractice and they would take appropriate steps to correct the situation.

Yours sincerely,


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