84.Class 11 & 12 Letter to Editor : Regarding Expressing Concern Over the Unauthorised Occupation of the Park

By | February 12, 2019

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You are Shagun Kapoor of Agra. You are disturbed and upset because the only public park/garden of your locality has been grabbed by the local self-styled `Netas’. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper drawing the attention of the authorities to this unauthorized occupation.


24, Kiran Vihar


April 20, 20xx

 The Editor

 The Hindustan Times

 New Delhi

Subject: Expressing concern over the unauthorised occupation of the park


Through the thought-provoking columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the issue of the unauthorised occupation of the only park/garden developed for the general public of our locality by the local self-styled `Netas’. They use it for commercial and political activities. They hold small functions and parties here and the children of the locality are not allowed to enter the park. Now and then, they invite one politician or the other and hold functions just to keep the authorities and politicians happy. In one corner of the park, they have erected a pucca room as well. If anybody raises voice against this malpractice, the musclemen of these `Netas’ silence them.

Our locality is a concrete jungle and this public park is the only place to breathe in fresh air. But the unauthorized occupation of this open space has deprived the people of taking a stroll or even sitting in the park. Moreover, the musclemen of the `Netas’ remain in the park all the time and this keeps the women and children away. The senior citizens are also fed up with the situation but are helpless.

Our many complaints to the local police and the authorities have fallen on deaf ears. Through your column, I hope to address my grievance to the civil authorities and compel them to initiate proper action to restore the park to the residents of the locality.

Yours sincerely,

Shagun Kapoor

 (A concerned resident)

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