108. Short Essay and Article on : More Ads than News and Features

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Take help from the following clues and write an article on ‘More Ads than News and Features’ in about 100-120 words.


  • Ads and ads on TV
  • Ads dominate print media
  • Mint money; attract buyers and sellers
  • Create styles, trends and fashions
  • Diluted news and features

 Ans.                           More Ads than News and Features                                                                                                    

The world of liberalization and globalization has given birth to unsuitable consumerism. ‘Use and Throw’ is the slogan of the times. Things have to be sold. Selling gives money. And money makes the mare go. One good commercial advertisement is worth more than hundreds of salesman. Such is the importance of advertisements in industry, trade, commerce and business. It is no exaggeration that on TV we have more ads than news. After a few minutes, a ‘break’ is announced. And then starts a flood of commercial advertisements. You find the Shahanshah of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan selling `Binani Cement’. Then comes the `Badshah’ telling you to use ‘Fair and lovely’ for your bright complexion. And our glittering damsels of Bollywood can’t be left behind. Aishwarya sells L’Oreal; Katrina patronizes ‘Veer and Priyanka and Karina settling for `Bajaj Scooty’ and Toro Plus’ respectively. News and features have become secondary. We have more ads than features or events.

TV, cinema, newspapers, magazines are full of advertisements. Ads are trend and style setters. Millions are earned just for a commercial advertisement of a few minutes! If things are to be sold then you can’t avoid patronising commercial advertisements. They are the lifeline of trade, business and the media.

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