A Voyage to Lilliput Chapter 2


  Chapter Review
1.Gulliver arrived in the metropolis. lodged in an ancient temple. People and viewed him with surprise.
2.The emperor met Gulliver, wonderstruck to see his huge body, tried to talk to him but could not. Language problem came in their way.
3.Lilliputians, filled with wonder, shot arrows, and the colonel trying to control the mob pushed some little men n towards Gulliver. Gulliver caught them but released them unharmed.
4.Lilliputians, searched Gulliver, took away all his articles. Only his spectacles escaped their notice.

Plot The plot moves forward. Gulliver is presented before the emperor who decides to keep him and feed him. Gulliver learns their language. Though his knife and pistol are taken away from him yet he is treated kindly.


When Gulliver arrived in the capital, he felt a strong urge to urinate. The place where Gulliver was lodged was an ancient deserted temple considered to be profane. He took the first opportunity available and relieved himself of his uneasy load. The Emperor had already descended from the tower. He came on his horseback to have an opportunity to view Gulliver. He also wanted to talk to Gulliver. When he alighted he surveyed Gulliver with great admiration for his giant size. The empress and the young princes and princesses, who too had arrived, sat down in their chairs maintaining a safe distance from Gulliver. They looked at the huge creature with wonder. The emperor made many efforts to talk to Gulliver. Gulliver too tried to talk but neither of them could understand the other. By now a large number of people had gathered to have a look at Gulliver. Many little men started shooting arrows at him. One of the arrows narrowly missed the eye of Gulliver. An officer of the Lilliputians tried to control the mob. He happened to push five or six little men towards Gulliver. Gulliver caught hold of them. Had he wished he could have killed them but he restrained himself from doing any cruel action. He let them go. His leniency was appreciated by the little men. As the news of his arrival spread, numerous rich, idle and curious people came to see him.

Having consulted his courtiers, the Emperor decided not to put Gulliver to death. He decided to keep Gulliver and feed him properly. He ordered his men to make arrangements for Gulliver’s board and lodging. Arrangements were also made to teach Gulliver the language of Lilliputians. It took Gulliver three weeks to learn their language. Now he was able to communicate with the Emperor and some of his men.
According to the law of the land, Gulliver was thoroughly searched. A list of all the articles found on his person was made. His sword and pistols, comb, snuff box were taken away. His watch which filled the people with surprise was also taken from him. The only thing which escaped the notice of the little men was his pair of spectacles. It escape as it was in the private pocket of Gulliver’s coat. In the inventory prepared by the Lilliputians Gulliver was named ‘Quinbus Flestrin’ which meant ‘man mountain.

Very short answer type questions and answers
Q. 1 . On reaching the ancient temple, what did Gulliver do ?
Ans. Gulliver relieved himself of the urge of urination.

Q.2. Who came with the emperor?
Ans. The empress, the princes and the princesses came with the emperor.

Q.3. How much time did Gulliver take to learn the language of the little men ?
Ans. Three week’s time.

Q.4. During the search, which article was not found by the little men ?
Ans. Gulliver’s spectacles.

Q.5. Where had he kept the pair of spectacles?
Ans. In the private pocket of his coat.

Short answer type questions and answers
Q. 1. What  happened when Gulliver was taken to the metropolis?
Ans.- In the metropolis Gulliver was  lodged in an old, deserted temple. The emperor accompanied by the empress came to see him. They surveyed Gulliver with admiration.

Qu.2-  How did the emperor try to communicate with Gulliver?
Ans.- The emperor made several efforts to talk to Gulliver. Gulliver too tried to talk, but neither of them understood the language of the other. So communication between them did not take place.

Qu.3-  How did Gulliver show leniency to the little men ?
Ans.Several little men came to see Gulilver. Some of them who carried bow and arrows shot some arrows at Gulliver. The crowd became unruly. The colonel trying to control the mob accidently pushed five or six little men towards Gulliver. Gulliver caught them. He could have killed them but he showed mercy towards them and let them go.

Q.4. How did Gulliver learn the language of the little men?
Ans. Gulliver was accepted as the guest the Lilliputians. The emperor made arrangements for his education. He was taught the language of the Lilliputians. Gulliver learnt their language in two week s time.

Q.5. Describe how Gulliver was searched by the little men.
Ans.- Following the instructions of their officers, the little men searched Gulliver thoroughly. They made an inventory of all the articles found on Gulliver. They took away these articles. Only his spectacles escaped their scrutiny.

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