A Voyage to Lilliput Chapter 1

                                              CHAPTER- 1
Chapter Review

1. Gulliver’s father — a small estate owner.
2. Gulliver studies for three years. Then he becomes apprentice to Mr. John Bates in London.
3. He is highly ambitious to go on a voyage. He marries the daughter of a rich hosier who brings with her rich dowry.
4. Mr. John Bates, a surgeon, encourages Gulliver to settle down in life and marry, so that his condition improves.
5. William Prichard, captain and master of the Antelope, offers Gulliver the job of surgeon on the ship.
6. King of the Island of little men orders his men to present Gulliver before him.


Gulliver is a surgeon. He joins the crew of the Antelope. Unfortunately, the ship caught in a violent storm sinks. Gulliver swims to the shore. While he is asleep on the sea shore, he is arrested and bound by the little men who live on the island. He is taken to their king as a captive.


Lemuel Gulliver was the third of the five sons of his parents. His father owned a small estate in Nottingham shire . When Gulliver was fourteen, he was sent to Emanuel College in Cambridge. He stayed there for three years and applied himself closely to his studies but the charge of maintaining him being too great for a narrow fortune, he had to become an apprentice to Mr. John Bates, an eminent surgeon in London. He remained in this capacity for four years. His father, now and then, sent him small sums of money which Gulliver happily spent in learning navigation. When he left Mr. Bates, he went down to his father. With the help of his father and uncle John he got forty pounds to maintain himself at Leyden. ‘Here he studied medicine for about three years knowing that It would be useful in long voyages. After returning from Leyden Gulliver went on a couple of voyages into the Levant and some other parts. When he came back he resolved to settle down in London. Mr. Bates encouraged him. H took on rent a part of a  small house in the old Tewry. In order to alter his condition he married  Mary Burton, the second daughter of Mr. Edmund a hosier in Newgate street. His wife brought him fairly good dowry.
Gulliver’s medical practice was not very successful. His Conscience did not allow him to imitate the bad practice of the majority of doctor Therefore, he made up his mind to go to the sea. As surgeon, he successfully made several Voyages for about six years, to the East and West Indies but things would not mend. Finally, he accepted a good offer from Captain William Prichard, master of the Antelope who was making a voyage to the South Sea, They set sail from Bristol on May 4, 1699.
In the beginning, the voyage seemed to be smooth and prosperous. But on the fifth of November their ship was overtaken by a violent storm. Six of the crew, including Gulliver, let down their boat into the sea and got clear of the ship. They rowed about three leagues with great difficulty. Then they trusted themselves to the mercy of the waves. A sudden flurry from the north overturned the boat. While most of his companions perished Gulliver managed to swim ashore. Feeling utterly tired, he fell asleep near the shore.
When Gulliver woke up it was broad daylight. He found that his arms and legs were bound with chains. A crowd of human beings hardly six inches tall surrounded him. Each one was holding a bow and arrow. As Gulliver struggled to get loose, they started shooting arrows at him. The arrows pierced like needles and caused him intense pain. However, under the orders of their king, they stopped the attack. They also offered him food and drink. But they did not release him.
Having fed Gulliver, the little men made arrangements to take him to their city. Since Gulliver, in comparison with them, was a big giant, it was a problem to transport him to the city. But the little men were very intelligent. They devised a method to take him to the court. They brought a huge carriage. still chained, Gulliver was put in it and taken to the metropolis. The king and his principal lords who had heard about the huge dimensions of Gulliver came out to have a look at him.

Very short answer type questions and answers

Q.1. Who was Mr. John Bates?
Ans. John Bates was an eminent surgeon in London. Gulliver remained his apprentice for four years.

Q.2- What did Gulliver do to alter his condition?
Ans. He married Mary Burton, the daughter of a hosier.

Q.3.  When did ‘the Antelope’ set sail and from where?
Ans. ‘The Antelope’ set sail from Bristol on May 4, 1699.

Q.4. What became of Gulliver’s companions after the shipwreck?
Ans. Most of Gulliver’s companions presumably died after the shipwreck.

Q.5. What did the little men do when Gulliver struggled to get loose?
Ans. They attacked him with their bows and arrows.

Short answer type questions and answers
Q.1. What do you know about the medical studies of Gulliver ?
Ans. At the age of fourteen Gulliver was sent to Emanuel College in Cambridge. He stayed here for three years and studied hard. Thereafter he served as apprentice to Dr. John Bates for four years. Then in Layden he studied medicine for three years.

Q.2. How did Gulliver come to Join the crew of the Antelope ?
Ans. Gulliver’s medical practice did not prove very successful. He made up his mind to go to the sea. For about six years he made several voyages to the East and West indies as surgeon on the ship. Then he got an offer from Captain William Prichard to join them on the ‘Antelope’ as surgeon. Gulliver accepted the offer.

Q.3. How did Gulliver reach the Island of the strange little men ?
Ans. ‘The Antelope’ on which Gulliver was the surgeon was caught in a violent storm and it sank. Gulliver somehow swam to the shore. He was so tired that he fell asleep. When he woke up he found himself bound by the little men who lived here.

Q.4. What happened when GullIver tried to get free ?
Ans. When Gulliver woke up, he found himself tied to the ground. He tried to get loose. The little men who were crowding around him got frightened. They shot arrows at Gulliver. The arrows pierced him like needles. Gulliver decided to remain quiet.

Q.5. How was Gulliver taken to the city?
Ans. The little men made arrangements to carry Gulliver to their king. They made and brought a big carriage. Gulliver was put in the carriage and taken to the capital city to be imprisoned in a temple.