Voyage to Brobdingnag Chapter 5

                                                                            CHAPTER -5
Royal Maids : Very inquisitive, they wanted to play with Gulliver. Often they stripped him naked. They felt no shame and undressed themselves also.
The Queen : Very fond of Gulliver, wanted him to take exercise and keep fit, got a pool and a boat for Gulliver, felt happy to see Gulliver rowing the boat.
The King : Very sharp, inquisitive, laughed at Gullive’s reply, could not believe Gulliver’s words that monkeys could be small too.

The chapter throws light on many things that happen to Gulliver, his adventures and misadventures. Life in Brobdingnag was very much like life in the European countries except the size of the people living there.


One day nurse took Gulliver into a garden. The palace dwarf also came there. He shook the branches of an apple tree. Gulliver stood under it. A dozen apples each as big as a barrel came tumbling down. One apple hit Gulliver on his back. With the result he fell down flat on his face. On another occasion there was a shower of hailstones. They were quite big. They injured Gulliver. These halistones were much bigger than the common hailstones found in Europe.
Once a dog seized Gulliver in his mouth and carried him to his master. Surprisingly Gulliver wasn’t hurt. On another occasion a kite suddenly swooped upon Gulliver. He would have carried Gulliver away if the latter had not drawn his sword In time. Once a Linnet attacked Gulliver and with great difficulty could he defend himself.
The royal maids of honour often wanted to play with Gulliver. Sometimes they stripped Gulliver naked and made him lie on their bosoms. Gulliver felt nauseated due to the foul smell that their bodies emitted. Moreover, these royal maids felt no sense of shame. They undressed themselves in the presence of Gulliver. Gulilver was filled with horror and shame at the behaviour of these maids. The handsomest maid was a girl of sixteen. She would sometimes place Gulliver on her nipple and play tricks on him.
Gulliver once got an opportunity to see the execution of a criminal. The criminal was  placed in a chair. It was on a scaffold specially  made .With a sword forty feet long his head was cut off  with one stroke.
The queen had a fondness for Gulliver. She devised a method for Gulliver to take exercise regularly. She got a pool and a boat for Gulliver. Gulliver could row the boat in the pool, The queen often watched him rowing and felt amused at his skill.
One day a monkey carried Gulliver off and set him on the top of a building. He began to play with him. It seemed that the monkey had mistaken Gulliver for a young one of his own species. The king’s men could rescue Gulliver with great difficulty. Due to this mishap Gulliver had to remain in bed for two weeks. (The monkey here was also huge like other creatures.
One day the king asked Gulliver what he would have done in a similar situation in his own country. Gulliver told him that there were no monkeys in Europe except those which were brought there as objects of curiosity. Had he been in a similar situation, attacked by monkeys, he would have dealt with them easily, as monkeys in his country were not as big as an elephant. The king laughed at it. He thought Gulliver was only boasting. Gulliver thought that it was vain for a man to speak highly of oneself among those who were much bigger than him.
One day, during a walk, Gulliver fell upon a heap of cowdung. He found himself just up to the knees in dung. He waded through it with some difficulty. One attendant wiped him clean.

Very short answer type question and answers
Q.1-What did the dwarf do In the garden?
Ans-When Gulliver was standing under an apple tree he shook the branches. Many big apples fell down.

Q.2-What did the kite try to do ?
Ans.The kite tried to carry away Gulliver in its talons.

Q.3-Where did the monkey place Gulliver?
Ans.He placed Gulliver on the top of a big building.

Q4-Which exercise did Gulliver take daily?
Ans-He rowed the boat in the pool.

Q.5-How did Gulliver happen to break his skin ?
Ans-He struck against the shell of a snail and broke his skin.

Short answer type question and answers
Q.1. What trick did the dwarfs piay on Gulliver?
Ans. One day Gulliver was standing under an apple tree. Unseen by him, the dwarf came. The dwarf shook the branches of the tree. Many very big apples fell down. One of them hit Gulliver so hard that he fell down.

Q.2. Describe Gulliver’s adventure with the dog.
Ans. One day a dog seized Gulliver with its mouth and came to its master. The dog set him gently on the ground. Luckily, it was a trained dog. It carried Gulliver gently between the teeth. No harm was done to Gulliver.

Q.3. How was a criminal executed In Brobdlngnag?
Ans. Gulliver saw that the people in Brobdingnag placed the criminal in a chair upon a scaffold erected specially for the purpose. Then the head of the criminal was cut off with a sword.

Q.4. Describe Gulliver’s adventure with the monkey.
Ans. Once Gulliver was carried off by a big monkey. He was set on the top of a building. It seemed that the monkey had taken Gulliver for a young one of its own species. The monkey played with him King’s men saved Gulliver with great difficulty.

Q.5.What provision did the Queen make for Gulliver to take exercise daily?
Ans.The queen got a pool and a boat for Gulliver. Here Gulliver could row the boat daily. When he rowed the boat, the queen watched him happily.