Voyage to Brobdingnag Chapter 1

                                                                            Part II

                                                                                            Chapter 1
Captain John Nicholas-Commander of the ship, was an expert navigator. He fell ill at Cape of Good Hope. The ship could not leave this place till the end of March 1703.
The Master of the field -very huge and tall, but gentle and kind—— took Gulliver home—– gave him to his wife who became fond of him.
The farmer’s wife -kind and gentle—– gives minced meat to Gulliver—— feeds her pet cat lovingly-suckles her baby affectionately.

Gulliver reached a new island. He was separated from his companions. He was caught by very huge giants who lived on the island. He was taken to the house of the master giant whose wife became fond of Gulliver.


Gulliver’s second voyage begins The merchant ship ‘Adventure’ set sail on 20th June, 1702, bound for Surat. The voyage was smooth till it arrived at the Cape of Good Hope. By then the ship had developed a leak. So they were compelled to spend the winter there. Then the Captain fell ill. The ship could not leave the Cape till March 1703. It had a good voyage for more than a month. On the 19th April a strong storm blew the ship to the east of the Molucca Islands. By 2nd May, the sea became calm. But soon another storm, more furious than the previous one, blew. The ship went through the ordeal successfully. On the 16th June, land was sighted, and a few members were sent in search of freshwater. As Gulliver was keen to see the island, he too went with other sailors.
Gulliver was so curious to see the island that he left the other sailors and went into the interior of the island. When he was coming back to the shore, he was surprised to see the boat hurrying away. It was pursued by a frightfully tall, big man. The boat escaped its pursuer but Gulliver remained there. He hid himself in the fields. After some time Gulliver saw seven very huge men coming towards him. One of them, perhaps, was the master and the others were his servants. They had big sickles in their hands. ApparentlY, they had come to reap the harvest. Soon the master noticed Gulliver lying on the ground. In contrast with them Gulliver was as small as the Lilliputians were by contrast with him.
The master of the field picked Gulliver up gently. Gulliver was afraid lest he should be dropped, or dashed to the ground. But the big man did not throw Gulliver down. When other giants sat down to rest, they saw Gulliver with interest. His behaviour entertained them. Gulliver took out his purse which contained gold coins. He presented
them to the big man,. but the latter was not interested. After a while, all of them gdt up. The master giant took Gulliver to his home. He showed Gulliver to his wife who at first cried but gradually began to like Gulliver.
A servant brought a big dish. The farmer’s wife minced a piece of meat and gave it to Gulliver. Gulliver bowed respectfully and took it. The youngest son of the farmer lifted Gulliver by his legs. He held him so high that Gulliver began to tremble. But the farmer saved Gulliver. Just then the pet cat came. It was three times bigger than an
ox. Gulliver was alarmed but it did no harm. The mistress kept feeding the cat.
After the meals, the nurse brought in a baby. It began to cry very loudly. The mother picked up Gulliver. She offered him to the baby. The baby tried to put Gulliver’s head in his mouth but the mother stopped him. Since the baby could not be pacified the mother tried to suckle him. The breast was so big that Gulliver felt disgusted to see it. However Gulliver thought that these big people were not deformed in any way. They looked ugly because of their huge size. When Gulliver woke up he was attacked by a couple of rats. Each was of the size of a big dog .But Gulliver defended himself.With his sword he killed one of them. The other rat ran away.The mistress was happy at Gulliver’s bravery. Gulliver wanted know to ease himself but he did not where to do that. By means of gestures Gulliver conveyed it to the mistress. She took him to the garden. Here Gulliver answered the call of nature.

Very Short answer type questions and answers
Q.1.Who was the commander of the Adventure’?
Ans.John Nicholas was the Commander of the ‘Adventure’.

Q.2.What happened to the Captain when the ship reached the Cape of Good Hope?
Ans.He fell ill.

Q.3.When was land sighted by the crew of the ‘Adventure’ ?
Ans.The land was sighted on 16th June, 1703.

Q.4.What was the size of the pet cat ?
Ans. It was three times bigger than an ordinary ox.

Q.5.What did the mother do to pacify the child ?
Ans.She picked up Gulliver and offered him to the child.

Short answer type questions and answers
Q.1- What were the ordeals through which the ‘Adventure’ had to pass?
Ans. When the ‘Adventure’ reached Cape of Good Hope, it was found that it had developed a leak. Then a furious storm attacked the ‘Adventure’ but it passed through the ordeal. Again, a very fierce storm blew but the ship went through the storm successfully.

Q.2. What happened when Gulliver hid himself in the field?
Ans. When Gulliver was in the field, seven very big men came. They had sickles in their hands. They started reaping the harvest. The master of the field found out Gulliver and picked him up on his hand.

Q.3. How did Gulliver try to please the giants?
Ans. Gulliver made every possible gesture to Gulliver made every possible gesture to please the giants. He showed respect to the giants. He even opened his purse and presented the goki coins it contained to the master. The master showed no interest in the coins.

Q.4.How did the youngest SOn of the master giant treat Gulliver ?
Ans.The youngest son was very mischievous. He lifted Gulliver by the legs and held him high in the air. Gulliver was terribly afraid. He began to tremble.

Q.5.What happened when Gulliver was attacked by a couple of rats?
Ans.The rats which attacked Gulliver were not ordinary rats. They were of the size of a big dog but very fierce. They attacked Gulliver. Gulliver luckily had his sword with him. He killed one rat with his sword and the other
ran away.